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Teeth Cleaning Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Teeth Cleaning Comments

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Amount: $89.00
Posted by: Molly Marionet in Spokane, WA.Posted: May 9th, 2013 07:05PM
Type: basic every 6 months
I hadn't been to the dentist in about 4 years, I now get a basic cleaning every 6 months. Its not that expensive compared to what some of you are paying.
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Deep Cleaning
Amount: $600.00
Posted by: larvac in Oak Forest, IL.Posted: April 10th, 2013 09:04PM
Type: no insurance
The new perio doctor that did my deep cleaning spent 25min and the last time i had this done it took almost a hour well so much for going to the same office ive been going to for the last 20 years , all he did was look at the clock and the buzzer that tells him that his next paitent is here. did this on 4/10/13 im going back tomarrow and find out what the rush was all about.
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No Regular Cleanings
Amount: $146.00
Posted by: Gina2 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.Posted: April 4th, 2013 04:04AM
Type: Regular dental cleanings
I want to confirm what another posting observed on 2/21/12. My dental plan with HumanaOne includes to free cleanings and I paid $146 for the year, but I have been to four different dental offices looking for a regular cleaning and the dentists refuse to provide a regular cleaning. It is unbelievable. Instead they want you to have deep cleanings with the additional cost, hundreds of dollars more.
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Rediculous Charges
Amount: $850.00
Posted by: zuzu in Vancouver, WA.Posted: March 21st, 2013 08:03PM
Type: exam and deep cleaning
I have had deep cleaning in the past and it never cost this much. Americans are greedy a** holes who think money is everything. Sure do hope she enjoys her new caddy that I paid for. I guess the only people who should live on the earth are the special people who love only money and won't do a thing without gobs of it coming out of their ears.
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Didn't know about fluoride treatments and x-rays for my kids
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Disheartened in Blossburg, PA.Posted: March 12th, 2013 03:03PM
Type: checkup
I just took all four of my kids to the dentist for the first time since my husband found a job and we have insurance. Before that, we had medicaid. I was the stupid one who didn't inquire into what they were including in the exams; after all, medicaid patients don't think too much, right? The truth is, I was too affected by our whole situation to think straight. My husband a scientist out of work, how will they treat me in this office, etc. It was just a dark time. Anyway, I just got our first bill as "private insurance" patients, and am appalled to find that I paid $27 per child for a fluoride treatment, and out the ears for x-rays (kids just had them 6 mos. ago). I take the blame for not thinking to ask what would be included. Had I known, I would have refused fluoride and x-rays just to keep my costs low (I'm not sure which items the insurance will cover; I was told not x-rays). This isn't about fluoride; it's about a bill I can't afford to pay. Can anyone please graciously advise?
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Dental Implants and Scaling
Amount: $8,000.00
Posted by: J Speakman in Hernando Beach, FL.Posted: March 12th, 2013 03:03PM
Type: Implants for 2 Teeth
For all the dentists and their assistants out there we are not trying to insult you, we are trying to figure out a way to pay for keeping our teeth healthy with the right Dentist. First of all have you ever tried to shop around for a dentist? It costs more to go in for a second opinion and get an appointment, and in some cases depending on the insurance company as in our case, you need to let them know you are changing to another dentist. That has to be done at the first of the next month. $8000.00 for two dental implants seems ridiculous to me. And now the same periodontist wants to charge me $4000.00 for a deep cleaning, all four quadrants. That includes some surgery on the gums and "biologic materials" (bone, I think). And that price is with a 25% discount, what my insurance pays for a specialist (periodontist) Then of course you have to go back and forth between dentists because some general dentists do not perform some of the procedures a perio does and vice-versa. I know I have asked. So it might be just a little daunting for the average patron to swing this. We are now looking into calling a perio about 45 minutes from our home, but he came recommended from a friend of a friends dentist's husbands. So we'll see if we can get in. So any comments??
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Teeth Cleaning, and bite wings.
Amount: $420.00
Posted by: Izzy in Seattle, WA.Posted: March 2nd, 2013 12:03AM
Type: Periodontal
I just got a teeth cleaning for the first time in year, and although my insurance said they cover the cleanings, they would only cover 196. of the over $400 charges because they claimed they were too high. Not so great really.
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Routine cleaning, exam and 2 film bitewings
Amount: $195.00
Posted by: Lindsey Lee in York, ME.Posted: February 22nd, 2013 06:02PM
Type: Routine cleaning, exam and 2 bitewings
Adult cleaning $98rnDental exam $48rnBitewings (2 films) $49rnrnDid I get overcharged?
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"deep cleaning"
Amount: $1,382.00
Posted by: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER in dallas, TX.Posted: January 31st, 2013 09:01AM
Type: deep cleaning
i went into the dentist office great staff great place, but i was told i needed a "deep cleaining" i got on here to see what that ment well it looks like it takes longer than 5 mins, cuz thats how long the lady took doing my "deep cleaning" and they billed my insurance company 1382 which was my 1000 max so now i can't get filling or crowns that i need. i felt like i was ripped off and my teeth still have tons of plague and build up. no a happy camper at all
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Pregnant and trying to get a checkup
Amount: $80.00
Posted by: Liz10 in Valdez, AK.Posted: January 30th, 2013 02:01PM
Type: Exam
I live in Valdez Alaska and since I'm unmarried I qualify for Denali Kid Care which will usually cover the cost of an exam, cleaning and a few other procedures. Yet the only dentist in town does not accept Denali Kid Care for pregnant women so I had to pay out of pocket. I already had x-rays earlier in the year ($60 for a full set and a brief exam) so when I called to make an appointment paying out of pocket I was told it will be $80 for the exam, and I can make an appointment for a cleaning in August (3 months after I have my baby) which will cost about $105, and a deep cleaning will cost about $200. I'm pretty sure I have advanced periodontist issues so I'm going to need a root scaling and planing eventually. My teeth only seem to have issues when I'm pregnant!
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routine cleaning
Amount: $99.00
Posted by: nice teeth in glendale, CA.Posted: January 24th, 2013 09:01AM
I had my upper quandrants done yesterday, which took less than 30 minutes. they said that the paperworks and the x-ray had took all the appoinment time so they asked me to get the lower quandrants done during the next visit. I never thought about how much they would charge and finally found out on the planning sheet, they wanted to charge twice just for one service. Is it normal to do that? teeth cleaning is $99, $145 for x-ray, $75 new checking.
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DEEP Cleaning
Amount: $1,287.00
Posted by: Cigar Lover in Houston, TX.Posted: December 27th, 2012 09:12AM
Type: Scaling & Root Planing
After about 15 years since last visit which was 35 years from previous because of a 25 year abscess I had a chunk of TARTAR fall off tooth and it felt like I was missing part of a tooth. My gums were attached to tartar which I had not been aware about and there was a severe ledge if you will overhang to my gums, which fell back and then came up over the course of a week. Longs tory short - I discovered I needed cleaning among other things... the chunk that came out was almost the size of a tooth to give you indication of the severity. It was concentrated on one area in front of mouth where I smoke and chew cigars - the upper was relatively non existent compared to bottom and the center teeth about 10 times worst than the side so essentially 5 teeth in front were cemented together.
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Ask who is doing the cleaning!
Amount: $300.00
Posted by: Maya in chicago, IL.Posted: December 10th, 2012 10:12PM
I'm a dental hygienist and we charge $300 for cleaning and an exam. I do think it's a little too high, in my area you can get a cleaning anywhere from 120-300, which includes the exam. However, my point is not the price, is who is doing the cleaning! Make sure you ask the person that will be working on you who, she or he really is. MANY offices have their dental assistants polish kids teeth, which is not considered a cleaning. Soooo many times I have seen children after they were getting those "professional teeth cleaning" by the assistant, and they had tons of calculus under their gums, with swollen inflamed, bleeding tissue around! Be aware, especially with children, since a lot of offices tend to let their assistants just polish, which doesn;t do much at all but they still charge you regular price. Assistants are not allowed to clean (they are allowed to polish teeth if they are certified, but polishing alone is not a complete cleaning)
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Rip off
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Magic18 in Rochester, NY.Posted: December 4th, 2012 12:12AM
If you want to get great dentist care without the high cost go to another country South America is great they have all of the same technology now a days and sometimes the dentist's are much better as they pay attention to each patient if you are paying cash, American dentist charge on an average 5 times as much and are not any better it is crazy what they charge here I make a trip every couple of years depending on my situation with my teeth
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Would you give me a discount?
Amount: $95.00
Posted by: no teeth in plymouth, MA.Posted: November 19th, 2012 04:11PM
I am over 65, and have had problems with my teeth m whole life. If there is a dental procedure, I've had it. Quarterly cleaning, deep scaling, and on and on. Right now, I have only FOUR teeth left. I was charged for a full adult cleaning, that took about 10 minutes. rnIn the past, I was only charged for children's cleaning. Love thei dentist, but not crazy about the hygenist or the front office staff.
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Am I entitled to all the digital xray files I pay the dentist to take?
Amount: $744.00
Posted by: buy groceries or get dental work in Gorham, NH.Posted: October 28th, 2012 06:10PM
Type: Cleaning, Xrays, Deep, minor scalling
I certainly feel being charged 644 dollars for an hour of service for scaling of a couple of teeth seems rather high. Feeding my family or heating my house might make better sense. Not being told a price and then presented with a bill that amounts to a week of hard labor for one hour of sitting in a chair makes me wonder. Can I take my x rays and get a second opinion or do I just smile and thanks them with blind faith. Also listening to a sales pitch for their sonic care brush that they sell at twice the retail price while being strapped to a chair with probes in my mouth seems like unfair marketing.
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Routine Cleaning - 2 Children ages 6 & 3
Amount: $360.00
Posted by: Denis Cassidy in Waterbury, CT.Posted: October 24th, 2012 11:10AM
Type: Prophlaxis & Comp Exam
I visited this site because I wanted to know if the amount I was billed seemed high for a routine cleaning. My girls were in the office for about 10 minutes each, max. After reading through some of the posts I have to say that the professionals in the health care field have a point when they talk about how long it takes and how much it costs to become a licensed practitioner as well as what is involved with running your own business. I am an Architect, with 20+ years of experience and have run my own business for more than a decade so I completely understand this point of view. HOWEVER, unlike medical practitioners, my clients do not come to me because they need me to survive. My field is considered a luxury for most people and a necessity for only a select few. I do not have clients because they need building checkups or because of conditions brought on by injuries, although building age can have an effect on my customer base. In my opinion, charging what amounts to more than $1,000 an hour to clean teeth is outrageous! Lawyers, health professionals, big business Chiefs, financial gurus of some sort or another, elite athletes and celebrities charge these rates. Of these, only health professionals have a moral obligation. They take an oath to that effect. The necessity for their services is manifest in being human. Lawyers are needed because of lawyers. If there were none, we wouldn't need any. Athletes and entertainers are compensated by masses, at the masses’ discretion. Financial gurus are compensated because they get to hold the money and take ridiculous amounts for doing so (shame on them). But Health professionals are taught and held accountable for their responsibility to the welfare of their patients. Their responsibility should include not taking advantage because they feel they deserve to drive nice cars and live in big houses. If farmers did the same, there would be a lot more skinny people. Just my opinion.
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Deep Cleaning
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: a user in Anaheim, CA.Posted: October 23rd, 2012 03:10PM
I don't have insurance. Where can I go that's reliable and reasonable in cost?
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Quarterly Teeth Cleaning
Amount: $95.00
Posted by: Elizabeth Patt in Pittsburgh, PA.Posted: October 22nd, 2012 11:10AM
Type: Tooth/Gum Cleaning
I go to a reputable dentist with a professional office/staff. Same hygenist for past 5+ years and occasionally a sub if she is out. The cleaning was very thorough as usual. Since I currently do not have dental insurance and go every four months, I opted to not have dentist exam or x-rays. I thought $95 was high, but maybe not - you get what you pay for (usually).
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prophy root plan
Amount: $195.00
Posted by: dental cost in houston, TX.Posted: October 16th, 2012 07:10PM
If you guys think the hygienist is making the money you are wrong. For an 800. dollar root plane and full set of xray at 95 dollars that takes an hour I get 35 dollars of that. So if you patients think you are getting ripped off you are getting a good service that you probably need. The hygienist gets a hurting hand and neck and just enough money to make it to work the next day to do it again. Most of the money goes to the dentist that doesn't even come in the room half of the time except to make sure we charged for everything he coud think of.
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