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Appendectomy Cost

How Much Does an Appendectomy Cost?

average costWith Health Insurance: Copay + 10%-50% of Procedure Costhigh costWithout Health Insurance: $10,000-$35,000+

An appendectomy is an operation to remove the appendix, a small organ connected to the intestine, usually when it becomes infected, swollen and painful. Risks of appendectomy can include reaction to anesthesia, bleeding and infection.

Typical costs:

  • An appendectomy would be covered by health insurance. For patients covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket costs typically consist of a doctor copay, possibly an emergency room copay, prescription drug copays, a hospital copay of $100 or more, and coinsurance of 10% to 50% for the procedure, which could reach the yearly out-of-pocket maximum.
  • For patients not covered by health insurance, an appendectomy typically costs about $10,000-$35,000 or more, depending on the provider, whether the operation is open or laparoscopic, and whether there are complications. For example, at Wright Medical Center[1] in Iowa, an uncomplicated open appendectomy costs about $7,900, including a doctor fee of about $1,600, while a laparoscopic appendectomy costs just under $12,000, including a doctor fee of about $1,600. At Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center[2] in Nebraska, an open appendectomy or laparoscopic appendectomy, when there is no abscess, typically costs $9,200-$19,500, not including the doctor fees, which can add several thousand dollars to the final bill. When abscess is present, the costs can range from $15,500 to $30,700 or more. An American College of Surgeons study[3] showed that laparoscopic appendectomy costs about 9%more than conventional surgery for patients with complicated appendicitis with abscess and 22%more for patients with uncomplicated appendicitis without abscess.
  • On[4] , patients discuss their appendectomy costs.
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What should be included:
  • Because there is no definitive test for appendicitis[5] , the doctor will evaluate symptoms and possibly test white blood cell count to look for infection and/or order an ultrasound or CT scan to make a diagnosis. Appendicitis usually requires emergency surgery because an infected appendix can burst and cause a life-threatening infection of the abdomen.
  • In open surgery, the patient will be placed under general anesthesia, and the surgeon will make a small incision on the right side of the abdomen, remove the appendix and close the incision. In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon will make a much smaller incision and use surgical tools and a camera, inserted through the incision, to remove the appendix. In some cases, the surgeon will discover during surgery that there is no infection in the appendix; the surgeon might remove the appendix anyway as a preventive measure.
  • If the appendix has burst, the surgeon might need to insert a drainage tube in the abdomen to remove the pus; after a few weeks of drainage, the surgeon can then perform the appendectomy.
  • A hospital stay of one to three days typically is required, and full recovery can take up to six weeks.
  • The National Institutes of Health offers an overview[6] of the appendectomy procedure.
Additional costs:
  • For diagnosis, an ultrasound or CT scan of the abdomen can add up to $1,000 or more to the final bill.
  • The doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics, which can cost up to $150 or more, depending on the regimen.
  • Many doctors and hospitals give discounts of up to 40% or more to uninsured/cash-paying patients. For example, Washington Hospital Healthcare System[7] in California offers a 35% discount.
  • In some cases, where the appendix has not ruptured, it might be possible to manage appendicitis solely with antibiotics. has information on non-surgical appendicitis treatment[8] .
Shopping for an appendectomy:
  • Anyone who has symptoms that could indicate appendicitis -- such as pain, especially in the right lower abdomen, abdominal swelling, fever, nausea, vomiting or constipation -- should get to a doctor or emergency room as quickly as possible.
  • A family physician or emergency room doctor can make a referral to a surgeon. Or, the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery offers a locator[9] for board-certified colon and rectal surgeons by city and state.
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Laparoscopic appendectomy
Amount: $40.00
Posted by: Lolo in Varberg, Other.Posted: May 20th, 2020 02:05AM
Medical Center: Hallands Sjukhus Varberg (Sweden)Physician:
This was a planned appendectomy not due to inflammation but due to mucocele in the appendix (basically a slime build up). Met the doctor and had a surgery time a week later (and this is in the middle of Corona times). Was in the hospital from 7am to 4pm. Was sent home with painkillers. The $40 breaks down to $10 for the visit to the dr the week before surgery and $30 for surgery (this includes all medicine, anaesthesia, doctors, nurses, food, etc). I love living in Sweden and paying taxes. Can’t imagine having medical bills in the thousands of dollars even with insurance.
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Amount: $128,000.00
Posted by: Gwendolyn Ruckey in Las Vegas, NV.Posted: December 12th, 2019 09:12PM
Medical Center: Desert Springs HospitalPhysician:
Went in for abdominal pain. Ended up staying for 3 days. They said I was suffering from a catastrophic illness and needed surgery! I was shocked because I didn't feel that ill.
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Appendectomy/ blood infection
Amount: $1.50
Posted by: Nicholas Gray in FONTANA, CA.Posted: November 29th, 2019 02:11AM
Medical Center: Kaiser PermanentePhysician: Dr walbolt
It's a lot to fill in I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket my insurance company covered all the costs I had a ppo insurance plan
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Uncomplicated laparoscopic appendectomy that caused complications
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Nick G in Philadelphia, PA.Posted: October 31st, 2019 02:10PM
Well went in for what I presumed was appendicitis after I spent 3 days with symptoms and went to work for the day. Waited for about 5 hours before they could get me a CT scan (10pm-3am). Then waited 45 minutes for them to tell me it was appendicitis and I'd have to wait until the morning and they were preparing a room for me. 30 minutes later they told me a room opened up and off I went for surgery around 5am.
WELLL woke up on the operating table screaming in pain and then was restrained by the surgeons. I remember one telling me I needed to relax. Another one said the catheter was accidentally ripped out. After the procedure when they were lifting me up to put me on the gurney, they dropped me onto the gurney with enough force to wake me up from the anesthesia. Went through the recovery at the hospital, normal procedure (except no doctor or surgeon came to check up on me until I was ready to leave). The next day I realized I had no feeling in my left thigh. Now I have nerve damage.
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Uncomplicated, laparoscopic appendectomy
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Magnus, age 32 in Vestby, Other.Posted: September 18th, 2019 09:09AM
Medical Center: Kalnes Hospital, NorwayPhysician:
Had my first ever surgery a couple of months ago, laparoscopy with no health insurance.
After a couple of hours in the waiting room and a check-up (and then an hour more of waiting), the doctors weren't 100% positive about my condition so they had me stay the night as a safety measure (my condition was unusally healthy for an appendicitis).
The next day they ran a few more tests and sure enough my appendix was infected. Spent most of the day just chillin' in my bed watching TV, at around 2pm they rolled me into the operating room and worked their magic.
Woke up two hours later all patched up and was sent home later that evening.
All of this cost me, as someone without health insurance a total sum of 0,-
Reading these horror stories from US patients getting bankrupted is leaving me with my mouth agape. Sounds more like a health business than a health-care system :(
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Apoendix removal surgery
Amount: $150.00
Posted by: [email protected] in Helsinki, Other.Posted: September 14th, 2019 05:09PM
Medical Center: Helsinki Meilahti hospitalPhysician:
Healthcare is mostly free in Finland. Cost I had to pay was ambulance to hospital 15eur and overnight stay after surgery about 130eur.
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Amount: $1,670,000.00
Posted by: Marita Leader Spring Hill Florida in Springhill, FL.Posted: September 13th, 2019 12:09PM
Medical Center: FloridaPhysician:
Had mine out only 14 hours stay..Total bill 167,000 My portion $1,670.00.. I was in shock and still am...Unbelievable...
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Uncomplicated laparoscopic appendectomy
Amount: $35,000.00
Posted by: Annie23 in Houston, TX.Posted: December 22nd, 2018 07:12PM
Medical Center: CHI St. Lukes Health-BaylorPhysician:
Billed a total of $29,000 from the hospital, $3150 for the surgeon, and about $2600 for the anesthesia. About $23,000 from the hospital bill was "adjusted" so they took off $23,000. If they are fine with taking off $23,000 then why overcharge me for a simple procedure in the first place? In total, we expect to pay out $5,000 but are currently disputing the costs.
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Complicated laparoscopic
Amount: $100,000.00
Posted by: Grateful but Anxious in Fort Worth, TX.Posted: December 11th, 2018 11:12AM
Ruptured appendix, ER, emergency surgery, laparoscopic. Hospital called out of network surgeon. Surgery took longer than expected, 2 hours. Hospital stay about 5 nights. Insurance is supposed to (from my reading) cover out of network emergency surgery, minus our $3,000 deductible. Great, that's what our family pays $1,000/mo for.
But, insurance covered $70K of $100K. They paid everyone except... the surgeon! Surgeon's group wants about $30,000. Is that reasonable for a two hour complicated surgery and followups? I don't know, but the insurance is not reasonable either because they will only pay for 10% of that. Huge gap. It's very confusing.
The surgeon was great and the hospital good. The problem is with how things are billed and paid for by insurance - and possibly the hospital choosing an out of network surgeon. Mysteries. It's sad to feel like you're being taken advantage of and to be fearful about your very costly insurance being inadequate. Will contact the state.
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Laproscopic Appendectomy
Amount: $80,897.00
Posted by: Theresa M Hall in Austin, TX.Posted: September 10th, 2018 08:09PM
Medical Center: St Davids North Austin Medical CenterPhysician: Dr. Rivas
$80,897 was just the hospital bill. The physician was $2400.00. I was in the hospital almost exactly 24 hours!
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Laparoscopic appendectomy
Amount: $32.00
Posted by: Karl (Norwegian) in Haugesund, Other.Posted: January 26th, 2018 10:01AM
Medical Center: Haugesund HospitalPhysician:
This is outrageous, to be honest. Yesterday I paid $32 to the consulting doctor who sent me to the ER at our local hospital. Within nine hours I had finished my laparoscopic appendectomy. Was offered to stay until tomorrow, but opted to leave this morning after a health meal in the canteen and paid zero, zilch, nada. I have no health insurance and I am happy to live in Norway, pay my taxes and receive help when I need it.
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Costs are out of control!!
Amount: $40,238.00
Posted by: Now I'm Broke in Hartford, CT.Posted: March 6th, 2017 03:03PM
Long story short, went from PCP walk in clinic -> ER clinic -> hospital for surgery
Was told ER clinic would be a regular visit because doctor was calling it in. WRONG. Was charged TWO ER visits.
Admitted as "under observation" & was charged hourly. Didn't know this until after the fact. Got there at 3:30pm Sunday & was told I could go home first thing Monday morning. Instead had to wait for surgeon to show up at 2pm. Had I known I was paying hourly I would have checked myself out at daybreak.
Was charged $1219 for some clip applicator. I can find it on google for $215
Was charged over $60 for that stupid gown I left there.
Surgeon admitted he messed up the incision for the camera. Made it larger when he tried to fix it. Told me I wouldn't care. I DO. It's big AND lumpy.
My appendix had NOT burst.
Out of pocket over $7100. Such a shame as I had better insurance in January & went to my PCP then after 3 days of stomach pain & was told indigestion! IDIOTS!!
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Laproscopic Appy
Amount: $52,000.00
Posted by: a user in Glendale, AZ.Posted: February 1st, 2017 08:02AM
Medical Center: Abrazo Arrowhead Campus, AZPhysician:
4 nights in hospital, one basic CT scan-no comtrast-charge was $6800, had an abdominal drainage tube. Bill outrageous, seeking help through Health Advocates. My insurance only covered a few thousand of this bill.
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Uncomplicated Laproscopic Appy
Amount: $11,000.00
Posted by: It is not the doctors' fault in Webster, TX.Posted: October 30th, 2016 11:10AM
Medical Center: Clear Lake RegionalPhysician:
The bill started just north of $37K, but after BC/BS discount of ~ $26,000, insurance paid $6892.30 leaving me $4201.04. I am a physician and this was for my 16 yo son who was admitted for less than 12 hrs. I made the diagnosis early in its course and bypassed the ER. Ironically, my efforts to minimize cost benefited the hospital much more than it did me, because hospital bills are determined by diagnosis and procedure (rather than actual cost or difficulty of services provided). There are no extra breaks given to physicians either, so when it comes to the bill, we are in the same boat as everyone else.
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Amount: $19,176.01
Posted by: Linda013 in Colfax, WA.Posted: October 17th, 2016 09:10AM
Medical Center: Whitman hospital and MedicalPhysician: Palouse surgeons
Went into the ER w pain, had CT scan, lab work, oral antibiotics lapparoscopic appendectomy. Total time from checking into ER to discharge, 14 hours. Lab Bill of $284, surgeon Bill of $1500, radiology Bill of $312, and finally hospital bill of $19176.01. Wish I knew that antibiotics were an option!
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Emergent Lap Appy
Amount: $62,000.00
Posted by: [email protected] in Lone Tree, CO.Posted: October 1st, 2016 06:10PM
Medical Center: Skyridge Medical CenterPhysician:
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uncomplicated appendectomy
Amount: $19,500.00
Posted by: jib in Pine Bluff, AR.Posted: May 8th, 2016 03:05AM
Medical Center: Jefferson Regional Medical CenterPhysician:
I had surgery and was discharged in less than 8 hrs. I haven't received charges from anesthesia, pathology, and labs. This is robbery.
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laparoscopic Appy: unruptured
Amount: $29,892.00
Posted by: Jacob Stubbs in Greenville, SC.Posted: January 27th, 2016 02:01PM
Medical Center: St. FrancisPhysician: Dr. Joseph R Millican
This was just the hospital stay! We went to an immediate care for diagnosis, labs, and CT scan (separate bill not included) and drove to hospital and arrived around 3pm. We were bumped 2x for other cases making surgery at 10pm, discharged at 1am. So approx 10 hr, but should have been closer to 5hr. 1 do not agree with price and im a RN!!! I was thinking MAX $7000 - 10000 just for surgery NOT 30K
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Emergency Appendectomy while in CA ,live in Oklahoma
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Wes Hill in Placentia, CA.Posted: October 20th, 2015 08:10AM
Medical Center: Placentia LindaHospitalPhysician:
I'm a college student with no health insurance. While helping a church in Fullerton,Ca on fall break I had to have emergency surgery.I work two part time jobs ...I'm crazy scared about what I'm going to do about this bill.If I were a CA resident..100% paid. But since I am not..I'm on my own.Anyone know of anything I can do? Thanks for prayers and suggestions in advance.
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Emergency Appendectomy Non-ruptured
Amount: $53,000.00
Posted by: Who can afford this? in Escanaba, MI.Posted: August 25th, 2015 10:08AM
Emergency laparoscopic appendectomy that had not ruptured. $23000 alone was for miscellaneous "supplies". Does not include surgeon fee ($3000) or radiologist, or anesthesiologist ($4000)
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laprascopic appendectomy
Amount: $81,000.00
Posted by: GaryEF in Spring Hill, FL.Posted: August 22nd, 2015 06:08PM
Medical Center: Oak Hill HospitalPhysician:
$81,000 bill before my insurance kicked in and down graded the cost to $17,000. HCA Hospital chain is a huge rip off.
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My Appendectomy was smoothly, i had the best E.R. and the best surgeon. he was soo warm and conforted me alot. even though I was in schock wen I was told that I had appendicitis, and that I was
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Hilda Rios. in Glendale., CA.Posted: April 19th, 2015 05:04PM
Medical Center: Memorial Hospital.Physician: Jose M. Perez.
I came to e.r.only with stomache, I had it for the last 3 days. but a became concerning when I started to get fiver.well, I thught it was only stomage flu. they the scan etc. when the e.r.Dr. came and told me that I had Appendicitis I was stunt. I was so skeptical.that I wanted to go home. And the Dr. said No! you 're not going home you need surgery.however,the the best. and I thank them for been so professional...
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Laparoscopic apendectormy
Amount: $23,500.00
Posted by: Bad Hospitals in Danbury, CT.Posted: March 14th, 2015 08:03PM
Medical Center: Danbury HospitalPhysician:
Simple surgery without any complication. I was discharged 14 hours after surgery. Aside from my monthly premium, the out of pocket was 3,800. To make matters worse, the hospital lost my coat, sweater and gloves, for which they said are not reimbursable. On top of that, 2 months later there was an article about the hospital's CEO getting almost 2 million dollars in annual bonus. Danbury Hospital is where you go to get robbed.
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Emergency Laparoscopic Appendectomy
Amount: $40,893.00
Posted by: Zackary S. in Nashville, TN.Posted: December 16th, 2014 12:12PM
Medical Center: Summit Medical CenterPhysician:
Great services! Quick diagnoses, quick surgery. 45 minutes of surgery and I stayed for about 12-16 hours. Even with those great services, that doesn't seem like a reasonable price for that amount of stay. It costs more than my 4-year college debt!
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Emergent Lap Appy
Amount: $23,588.35
Posted by: grammy55 in Tucson, AZ.Posted: November 7th, 2014 10:11AM
Medical Center: Tucson Medical CenterPhysician: Michael Probstfeld
to ER 6/14/14 ~10:00 AM, had CT W/C, blood work, urinalysis, dx appendicitis, surgery at 4:30 PM. Discharged 6/15/14, drove self home as had no pain meds, at 2:30 PM - no complications. discharged with antibiotic prescription and post-op FU appointment in 2 weeks - bill contained 70 charges, quite pricey
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laparoscopic apendectormy
Amount: $27,500.00
Posted by: a user in des moines, IA.Posted: July 29th, 2014 09:07AM
admitted first at county hospital (ER) with blood test and CT-scan with dye diagnosed with acute-appendicitis. transferred over to Lutheran hospital and had my surgery with no complications, no allergies and vitals are ok. was discharged 12 hours after the surgery with bill of $24000 and county charges was $3500. Insane charges, If I knew my insurance will not handle it I would had paid my plane ticket back home to my country probably had to pay whole surgery for less than $5000 that includes the back and forth plane ticket.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amount: $38,000.00
Posted by: karen love in vallejo, CA.Posted: July 18th, 2014 01:07PM
Medical Center: sutter solanoPhysician:
my "share" $3000. I am disputing and people need to start doing so
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Uncomplicated laparoscopic appy
Amount: $26,500.00
Posted by: Retired RN in Kalispell, MT.Posted: August 27th, 2013 12:08PM
Medical Center: Kalispell Regional Medical CenterPhysician:
~$2500 paid for two pathology reports/surgeon/labs, etc. The hospital bill was for the OR and 1 night in the hospital...pure, unadulterated greed. The country cannot last long when theft like this is done openly.
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Amount: $38.35
Posted by: so why do I have insurance? in Lakeport, CA.Posted: December 16th, 2012 08:12PM
Medical Center: Sutter Lakeside, Lakeport, CAPhysician: Dr. Keith Donald
Appendectomy with no complications for 10yo boy. Hospital stay from Fri (2pm-midnight er) Sat 3am-Sun 1pm med surg unit. My portion almost $10k!
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