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Chiropractor Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Chiropractor Comments

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Amount: $205.00 per session
Posted by: Michelle Walters in Lakeville, MN.Posted: June 27th, 2012 08:06AM
Firm or Practice: Olson Family Chiropractic
I was overcharged!!!! I was charged 3 times the average adjustment price. $95.00 for a manipulation, $80.00 for a office visit. When I called to review my bill I was treated rudely, and unfairly. The husband and wife duo were very friendly during the visits, but turned overly bitter when I called and had questions on my bill.
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Very informative and motivating experience!
Amount: $45.00 per session
Posted by: JLI in Ardmore, OK.Posted: May 6th, 2012 01:05PM
Firm or Practice: Holland Health
At first I was a little doubtful because of how young this guy was. I actually thought he was the doctor's son until he introduced himself. But after we sat down he started asking me A LOT of questions and his nurse or whatever her title is kept writing on a piece of paper. She must have been new because he kept explaining things to her about why certain answer I gave were important. After that he told me what was wrong with me and that he could fix it in about 6 visits if I promised to do some exercises at home that he gave me. 4 visits in and my neck doesn't hurt at all, and that's the first time since 2008. What really surprised me is how he knew when I walked in the door that my pain was gone just by looking at me. I'm a believer and in fact I'm taking my boyfriend with me next time so Dr. Holland can take a look at him.
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Im quite perturbed!
Amount: $600.00 per session
Posted by: Adviceseeker12 in Royal palm beach, FL.Posted: May 4th, 2012 01:05PM
Firm or Practice: Injury clinic west palm beach
I was in an auto accident and I have been to over 25 visits to this clinic.i receive primary care from the va as im a service connected disabled veteran so thays where I had to go to get some relief!(methocarbamol n tylenol 3) my stomach is weak to strong substance.anyhow the chiro has billed over 10k to my insurance and paid $5857.46 do far.ive said enough! I live 20 miles from their friggin office and when I go in they hurt me.i stopped using the traction table after the 5th or 6th visit b/c it greatly exacerbated my lower spine pain to downright intolerable.yet.... Oh you huessed it readers, its on the bill! Along with electro thrapy and hot or cold pack! Things I havent used in a month of sundays! Come on. Im just more than a little upset.and my lawyer says...i wont be left holding the bill... Thats WHY we buy pip..ummm I may look clear.but I can see through this!what do I do? Any advice? These guys are obviously all in some crap tpgether from the lawyers to the docs..its a mess!
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chiropractor charges
Amount: $61.00 per session
Posted by: BEM in NP, NJ.Posted: April 2nd, 2012 02:04PM
Firm or Practice: Union County
I'm paying out of pocket and out of network a total of 61$. My doctor is submitting items at 85, 60, 50, 50 with an initial total cost to insurance of $245. I'm not really sure what the items are because they aren't very discriptive on the EOB. Reasonable?
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Amount: $40.00 per session
Posted by: JMR in Whidbey Island, WA.Posted: March 15th, 2012 02:03PM
Firm or Practice: Dr. Raymond
Just came across this site wondering why some of my patients complain about my fees. Found out I'm under charging (but happy with the amount) and satified that some people are just cheap and think they deserve free care. Hate reading about DCs overcharging and over treating, but that is not what they teach in Chiro College, but are taught by questionable consultants. I think if any doctor just treat people like they would want, and quit the high pressure sales and pre pay visits they wold find people referring and staying. I really hate hearing some of these stories since I really think chiropractic can help so many people, but people will miss out due to a story about a crook. Just be wary of who you see, stay away from prepays and ask around to others before going. All professions have scam artist, ours is no different, but we also have great doctors as many of the post reflect.
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Informative, Friendly Chiropractor
Amount: $48.00 per session
Posted by: anominus in Seattle, .Posted: September 23rd, 2011 07:09PM
Firm or Practice: Seattle Chiropractic And Massage Center
I found this place with a dealfind deal, looking for an hour massage for $29. It also came with the consultation (x-rays, body scans, the works!). I continue care because it feels great! Everyone there is welcoming and informative. I've gone through my 3rd adjustment and I've already learned so much! They are so helpful in explaining why chiropractic care is important, and fixing my spine and letting my nervous system heal itself seemed to be the most important thing to them. They have a special deal right now for people that haven't had chiropractic care before: 30 minute massage and consultation free. They really care.
It's located right by Fremont, a few blocks from the Troll. Dr. Nadeem Bajwa is a great guy. He's knowledgeable, charismatic, flexible, and he takes his time to really make sure you've got what you need. I'm glad I've found this place!
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Over payment for personal injury claim; Expensive
Amount: $830.00 per session
Posted by: a user in Woodbridge, VA.Posted: July 25th, 2011 09:07PM
Firm or Practice: VA Family Chiropractic Health CTR
Ultrasound, heat and stem over charged; $230.00. Plus the receptionist told me one price for massages and my PIP-auto insurance was charged more. The Chiropractor said that he charges more to the insurance company but they don't post their prices. They charged my PIP (auto insurance) $150 for a 45 minute massage which should have been an hours session when I was told it cost $100 which I thought was too high. As soon as I found out I stopped going. Will never return. 12546 Dillingham Square, Woodbridge, VA 22192
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over payment for personal injury claim
Amount: $3,300.00 per session
Posted by: RIP OFF in Saint Louis, MO.Posted: June 27th, 2011 07:06AM
Firm or Practice: Proficient Chiropractic
My Chiropractic originally charged me $30.00 per session until he found out I had a personal injury claim, then when it was time to settle, he charged me a total of $3,300 for 25 visits. When it should have totaled roughly $800.00. Very pissed off! These is perhaps due to kickbacks.
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Great Chiropractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Amount: $35.00 per session
Posted by: Susan J in Cedar Rapids, IA.Posted: May 17th, 2011 02:05PM
Firm or Practice: Jenkins Chiropractic and Wellness
Was referred to Jenkins Chiropractic by a close friend who knew of him. I was very impressed with how much better I felt after the first week. I have been to other chiro's before, but for some reason I get SO much more relief with Dr. Jenkins.
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Great Experience
Amount: $30.00 per session
Posted by: Stacy hamilton in Cincinnati, OH.Posted: January 21st, 2011 11:01AM
Firm or Practice: practice
What a great experience!! Very friendly staff. was alittle nervous at first but was very knowlegable and explained everything in detail. Also has great massage thereapist which is a bonus. For the cost this place is amazing. Highly recomend it!!!
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Great Chiro in Delafield, WI
Amount: $30.00 per session
Posted by: MM from Hartland WI in Delafield, WI.Posted: January 20th, 2011 10:01AM
Firm or Practice: Schultz Family Chiropractic
I have been suffering from Headaches for many years now and have been to many different Chiropractors for this problem. Most of the Chiropractors I have been to seem to be in such a hurry, and I maybe got 2 minutes with the doctor before he moved on to his next patient. Each visit with Dr Casey lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending how bad I am that day, and he truly cares. Since seeing him my headaches have improved a TON!!! If you live in or around the Delafield area, I recommend you set up an appointment with Dr Casey!!
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Amount: $45.00 per session
Posted by: Sheila Garcia in Corpus Christi, TX.Posted: December 13th, 2010 01:12PM
Firm or Practice: Dr. Filla corpus christi, texas
I have fybromylagia and was referred to a chiropractor that is trained in acupuncture. I am now off several medications. My arthritis in my hands does not hurt anymore, my knotted up shoulder, back and neck are very loose and the pain is so much better. I go now once a month to maintain and also I get acupuncture to loose weight and have gone down two sizez in three months. It just really curves your appetite with no side effects. I am now able to workout at the gym again.
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Best Chiro in Arkansas
Amount: $35.00 per session
Posted by: Fan of Dr. Wil McCauley!!! in Bentonville, AR.Posted: December 7th, 2010 02:12PM
Firm or Practice: Touch Healing Arts
I almost quit going to chiropractors in the Benton County area due to the lack of concern many of them showed about my situation. I felt like I was being sold something each time I went in. Some want a $2500 "Case Fee" up front. Thankfully, my massage therapist recommended Dr. Wil McCauley of Touch Healing Arts. Pain-free and pleased to tell you about it!!!
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Chiro works but be wary of scams
Amount: $35.00 per session
Posted by: SM in Boulder, CO.Posted: November 10th, 2010 01:11PM
Hate to say, there are many scams with chiropractors. Even if your insurance covers chiropractic and it seems to be cheaper than paying an out of network provider, do your homework- not always the case, especially if the insurer decides not to pay and you are left with the bill. If you are not feeling results within a reasonable amount of time, ask questions and consult other DC's. Why would you continue to see a practitioner if you weren't getting better? Reputable chiropractors offer reasonable fees, clear treatment plans, and RESULTS. They aren't the ones driving the fancy cars. You have choices... don't get taken for a ride.
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Migraines Gone!
Amount: $35.00 per session
Posted by: Alicia P. in Greenville, NC.Posted: October 21st, 2010 11:10AM
Firm or Practice: I Heart My Spine
I have headaches everyday and Migraines frequently. The ones with halos and sickness. After 12 visits no migraines and headaches every so often. After 2 months no headaches!
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Amount: $390.00 per session
Posted by: a non-returning patient in CA in Fremont, CA.Posted: October 19th, 2010 08:10PM
Firm or Practice: Discover Chiropractic
I should have asked how much the initial visit would cost and was I surprised. They did take x-rays, though, so I guess the cost is fairly reasonable for a first visit.
However, at my second appointment I was told that I would have to agree to a total of more than $4,000 for 6 months treatment before they would treat me.
Also, they didn't check to see if my insurance would cover the cost, so I had to pay for the initial visit by credit card. I won't return to them, but I will check out a different chiropractor.
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I love my doctor
Amount: $55.00 per session
Posted by: a user in buffalo, NY.Posted: September 25th, 2010 09:09PM
I had low back pain since 7 years because of disc problems my MD used to tell " You have only one option=surgery" and when i asked him about seeing a DC he told me "NOOOO beaware of chiropractors" but my Aunt tried chiropractors and her pain disappeared so i went to the same doctor and i couldn't believe the results especially with the flexion distraction technique it was a miracle yes a miracle . NO ONE IS BETTER THAN THE DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC.
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Chiropractic is wonderful
Amount: $65.00 per session
Posted by: a user in Dallas, GA.Posted: September 19th, 2010 08:09AM
I went to Dr. Bense because my daughter had been sick since birth. I had visited MD and MD for 12 months with hospital stays about every other week and antibiotic after antibiotic. My daughter had been diagnosed with every ailment under the sun and still with medical treatment was not any better. She had a medical file 5 inches thick. I felt I was out of options until some one recommended I try Dr. Bense. After a consultation and examination, Dr. Bense pinpointed exactly where the problem was coming from. She adjusted my daughter and I have to say that if I did not experience it for myself, I would not believe it. My daughter has not had any more fevers, has not had any more hospital stays, no more fevers, sleeps through the night, is happy and healthy. She has only been back to her MD for regular appointments. Even our MD is amazed and told us to keep doing 'whatever it is we are doing'. My husband was so impressed, he now sees Dr. Bense for his low back pain. I started seeing her because I want to be functioning at my optimum health and Dr. Bense is great at educating us and showing us what is going on in our bodies. We all know we need proper nutrition, proper sleep, but most of us don't know we need a properly functioning nervous system so we can be at 100% and after what I witnessed with my daughter, I'm a believer! Thank you so very much.
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Amount: $700.00 per session
Posted by: a user in Yuma, AZ.Posted: July 26th, 2010 09:07PM
Firm or Practice: Hueser Chiropractic
When I first went to Dr. DeVries I was told to sign a 30 visit contract. I took the lower of the two options which had only one therapy after the treatment. The more expensive of the two had two therapies after the treatment. After doing this and talking to friends I checked around and the other chiropractors in the areas do not seem to follow this practice. Is this a common practice? I find it strange and after the 30 visits I was not much better! Now he has sent me another bill to cover the part of the treatment that Medicare did not cover. I do not plan to pay for it since he seemed to know that the x-rays and therapies would not be covered by Medicare so I figure he should also know how much Medicare covers and I am not going to cover his miscalculations.
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Wasn't sure, Love it
Amount: $67.00 per session
Posted by: Keith B in CHarleston, SC.Posted: July 5th, 2010 04:07PM
Firm or Practice: Dr. Tim Bennett
Everybody told me the chiropractor wasn't worth it and after finding some shaddy characters in the business, I went to Dr. Bennett in Charleston SC after a referral from a colleague. 3 visits in, neck pain is going away, and headaches, THANK THE LORD (or should I say Bennett), are gone already. Massages help with the discomfort afterward (lst and 2nd session). This was worth it
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money hungry chiropractor!!!!
Amount: $65.00 per session
Posted by: jayejaye in Hartford, CT.Posted: May 23rd, 2010 10:05AM
Firm or Practice: in connecticut
verbally requested my medical billing(was in a car in accident, september, 2009 , so i can settle my lawsuit,. the chiropractor told me he is not giving me my medical billing because i might keep the money,told me to stop calling his office and give him his so i gave him a hand-written request asking for my medical billing,( 30 days) and on video ,this is in 2010,march. these guys are making money, hand over fist, besides your bring them money, to this day he havent sent them to me i know my rights was violated. will update
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My Chiropractor Rocks!!
Amount: $45.00 per session
Posted by: Dwight Ruffi, Wausau, WI. in Wausau, WI.Posted: May 18th, 2010 10:05AM
Firm or Practice: Allied Health
I have had my son to two chiropractors at the Bautch clinics in Wausau, WI. Each time they were awesome and really took care of my family. From Ear aches,pregnancy issues to lower back pain, they helped us along with our ailments. We refer people to them and they too have had great results! Dr. Scott Bautch, Dr. Dan Throm and Dr. Steven Ruppel have inspired me to become a chiropractor myself. The good that a chiropractor can do is beyond words. I wish that more people would try this first and live better lives. If you had a bad experiance with a chiropractor, try a different one. They are not all the same!
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I Love my Chiropractor!!
Amount: $65.00 per session
Posted by: Faith in Homer, AK.Posted: April 8th, 2010 11:04AM
Firm or Practice: Clinic of Chiropractic Health
Dr. James Heston of Homer, Alaska is an EXCELLENT chiropractic who also practices applied kinesiology. He is gentle, yet fierm when needed, takes time to discuss problems, and provides excellent follow through. sessions are scheduled to be 15 minutes. I have always received my full 15 minutes and have often gotten more time for no adfditional charge. We in Homer expect our doctors to be like this. We ar a small community.
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Expensive Session
Amount: $200.00 per session
Posted by: Watters in Eagan, MN.Posted: March 9th, 2010 02:03PM
Firm or Practice: Acu Chiropractice and Wellness Center
The receptionist Jennifer told me each visit would be ~ $59.00 per session with the first visit being ~$139 - $159. I got a bill from them for $179.00 AFTER they billed my insurance almost $500.00 for my 1st session and the follow up session the doctor recomended for 1 week later. I don't think I was in the office more than 30 minutes either time.
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My experience was a total rip-off
Amount: $416.00 per session
Posted by: Ripped off Patient in Gaithersburg, MD.Posted: February 12th, 2010 08:02AM
Firm or Practice: Lakeforest Chiropractic Clinic
Went there for a intial consultation. No X-rays done. Was given a stinky hot press on my back and neck. Then the Doc manipulated my arms painfully behind my back. One session of this and I never returned. Then I got notice that I was taken to the cleaners for $416 for this one session. Is this the norm for initial consultations? I think this is way too much money, even MDs don't charge this much!! unless you are a Specialist. Thank God I had PIP to rely on, or else, I would seriously report this quack!
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Very Pleased
Amount: $33.33 per session
Posted by: John Darnell in RIO RANCHO, NM.Posted: December 16th, 2009 05:12PM
Firm or Practice: Absolute Chirpotrctic
Had not seen a Chiropractor in over a year, but knew I needed to. My Insurance requires a $45 co-payment to see a specialist. Saw Dr. Robinson at Absolute Chiropractic. Appears to be a one man shop, but his office is very professional in appearance and in its operation. My visits are 3 for $100. Cheaper than my $45 co-payment. Dr. Robinson does not rush you in and out as some chiropractors do. First Appointment was 30 minutes, adjustments have been 10-15 minutes. Does not pursuade you to come every day or even multiple times in one day as some have. Nice honest guy.
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Over Charges
Amount: $13,126.64 per session
Posted by: Joanne Hurley in North Port, FL.Posted: March 28th, 2009 03:03PM
I was charged over 13,163.64 for 38 visits. 10,000.00 was paid by my pip auto insurance. I was told by the Dr. that he would not exceed the pip and that he would also take the cost of MRI in to consideration so I would not have any out of pocket cost.
Most of the treatments were 5 minutes then doing some excersises which did not require the doctor to be present and was under 15 minutes total. I had about 6 appointments where I was I put on the table where it would stretch the spine and was less the 15 minutes on those appointments also. (I am sorry, forgot what it is called)
The Dr suggested 45 appointments during the same consultation we discussed cost and I only had 38. Is this something one should expect?
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Amount: $55.00 per session
Posted by: Hillary in Lakeway, TX.Posted: January 28th, 2009 02:01PM
Dr. Arlen Smith is the best chiropractor that I've ever been to. He does full spine adjustments & has the largest therapy bay in the Lake Travis area. He's also in most of the insurance networks but will work with patients that do not have insurance coverage. Call & make an appointment if you are nearby or just visiting.
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Chiropractic Works!
Amount: $54.00 per session
Posted by: Robert D. in Arvada, CO.Posted: August 30th, 2008 09:08AM
Firm or Practice: Dr. James Doran, DC
Dr. Doran at the Chiropractic Wellness Center did a great job helping me with my back pain. He also cleared out my wife's headaches. He used adjustments and acupuncture both which for 54 bucks was pretty cheap (probably too cheap but I'm not saying anything).
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chiropractic is amazing!
Amount: $30.00 per session
Posted by: Bethany in Cortlandt Manor, NY.Posted: June 20th, 2008 06:06PM
My medical doctor prescribed drugs for my acute low back and leg pain. They made me dizzy and vomit. My neighbor referred me to Dr. Seth Gross of Blue Mountain Chiropractic Family Wellness in Cortlandt Manor, NY. He determined that I had two herniated lumbar discs and advised Axial decompression and spinal adjustments. I was so surprised that pain and stiffness subsided in only 5 sessions.

I was also intrigued to learn that doctors of chiropractic (DC) take the same courses as doctors of medicine (MD) but 400 hours more (DC=4700 hours vs 4300 hours MD). Dr. Gross is primary care doctor to many of the patients of his office. This guy is one great doctor!
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