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Dental Bridge Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Dental Bridge Comments

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dental bridge
Amount: $900.00 total
Posted by: a user in CONCORD, NH.Posted: July 30th, 2011 07:07PM
I had a 3-unit bridge put in 30 years ago. One of the teeth under the bridge got decayed and I had to have it pulled this month. I now have 2 missing teeth and must decide on getting another bridge and gridding down another tooth or two implants. The cost of the implants 4,000 each the bridge 3400.00 but the problem is If I go with the bridge I will still have no tooth in the back of my mouth. If I go with the implant one of the spaces will need a bone graft build up. Or do both at cost of 7500.00. Undecided.
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Amount: $4,500.00 total
Posted by: Anastazya in Phila., PA.Posted: May 16th, 2011 03:05PM
I have had most of my remaining 17 teeth root canaled & capped for 25 years. I did great, now there is decay under some of the crowns (being replaced and rebuilding stump). My bottom middle four are doing the same thing. Dentist wants to extract them and give me bridge as a fill in. I had two previous bridges which I loved, however, the root canal's developed infections and after dental surgery(apicoectomy) they still could not be saveed and off came the teeth and the bridges. I don't know if I want to go thru bone grafts etc for a implant. My generation did not have the advantages they do today. I also have a bottom partial. I know that a lot of this is genetics, but I have spent at least $30,000.00 plus in fees since I was 16 years old.
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cost of bridge and experience with implant
Amount: $1,000.00 total
Posted by: mieke in progreso, yucatan, Other.Posted: April 15th, 2011 08:04PM
Dentist: in Progreso MexicoType of Bridge:
to Jillian: i had a bad experience with an implant, after 5 year the crown broke off. today i had a root canal done for a tooth, costing me 800 pesos = 70 usd, in one week he is adding a post for 600 pesos = 50 usd, after that i will get a crown for 1500 pesos = 120 usd. he gave me a quote for 2 bridges: one upper left 5 unit bridge and one upper right 4 unit bridge total: 10,800 pesos a little less than 1000 usd. overal very good experience so far.
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Permanent Bridge
Amount: $6,000.00 total
Posted by: misquoted in Lafayette, LA.Posted: March 31st, 2011 02:03PM
Dentist: Dr. ChambersType of Bridge:
I was quoted a pre-approved insurance quote and a cost for four porcelain teeth on a fixed bridge. When I got my replacement, I was told because I grinded my teeth and my hard bite may crack the porcelain crown. However, I was told because the bridge was a unit, there was no price difference because the back anchor crown was titanium and not porcelain. I know there is a big difference.
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4 Unit Bridge
Amount: $2,780.00 total
Posted by: Dentists are not doctors. in Valencia, CA.Posted: January 23rd, 2011 08:01PM
Dentist: Allen SmuddeType of Bridge:
I just had a replacement bridge of 4 units in place of one missing tooth but doctor decided to make it 4 smaller units instead of 3 large one. Disadvantage of the 4smaller units is the grooving of the bridge is not as good as of the 3 larger units which allows the chewing be more effective. If the bottom of the table teeth are flat then chewing will be painful. A simple mechanism can be used to determine that, as the millstone the way designed to have spiky tiny teeth to grind down the grain. I'm not a dentist and yet i am able to apply to common sense. These brainless mammals call themselves dentist and yet don't understand that the bottom of the table teeth cannot and must not be flat. I'm tired of explaining those donkeys but they don't sync. I changed 4 dentists and the results are the same. It seems as if they all went to the same dental school. As I mentioned earlier that this bridge is the replacement bridge, meaning it's the second bridge for the same teeth within a year.
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best quality
Amount: $5,400.00 total
Posted by: nassar in cliffside park, NJ.Posted: January 7th, 2011 10:01AM
i have spent only $5400.00 for 6 tooth bridge,thanks to my doctor who helped me on this ..God knows it might cost me trible ...excellent job ..if you need help on this you can email me for refrences.
[email protected]
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3 point bridge
Amount: $1,500.00 total
Posted by: Elise in Bronx, NY.Posted: December 25th, 2010 08:12PM
In my 30's, had a 3 pt bridge put in my upper left quadrant. 20 years later, had to have root canals on the anchor teeth. Now I have to replace the bridge at a cost of 1200 per point (3600). Now he's talking about using an implant for one of the anchor teeth (failed root canal). That's an extra 3500 for one implant. I asked about doing a 4 pt bridge...that will be a total of 4800. 4800 vs. 7100 neither of which my insurance will cover. Guess I will just tolerate the current condition for a while
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root canal/crown
Amount: $1,600.00 total
Posted by: a user in amory, MS.Posted: December 16th, 2010 09:12PM
had a root canal done. a few weeks later i had a crown on the same tooth. about 4 weeks after the crown, i had an abcess of that tooth. tooth can not be saved, now looking at the tooth being pulled and a bridge put n. should have done the bridge first.
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Bridge and Implants
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Mousnhouse in Valencia, CA.Posted: November 30th, 2010 08:11AM
Dentist: Dr. WeberType of Bridge:
I'm missing 6 teeth, and the amnount I was quoted for a bridge, was $15,000. Implants would cost $$$$ more. I was told that the Dentist uses material made in Sweden, and that was the reason why I would need to pay $$$ for the bridge.
I'm discovering that Dentist's live a pretty good life.
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Shop Around!!!!!! Prices vary by State!!!!!!
Amount: $3,250.00 total
Posted by: Marla in Moorestown, NJ.Posted: October 29th, 2010 08:10PM
I had a fracture on one of the roots of tooth #14.  Not knowing the 'depth' of the crack, and in an attempt to 'fix' the tooth, I had a laser procedure with bonding @ a cost of $525 (in New York), which failed. The Dentist referred me to an Endodontist, for a root canal and hemisection, which seemed expensive and compromised the tooth, possibly costing me additional expense in the future.  
Instead, I got a 2nd opinion with another dentist, who suggested that I have #14 extracted, and get a permanent 3 tooth bridge to attach to teeth on either side, both which had already had root canals and post and cores.  
Cost in NY=$525 for extraction/Bridge $4800=$5325.  
Cost in NJ=$250 for extraction/Bridge=$3000=$3250.  
Cost difference from NY to NJ=$2075!!!!!!
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dental crowns and fixed bridges
Amount: $12,000.00 total
Posted by: thais in Monroe, LA.Posted: October 9th, 2010 10:10AM
I have worn porcelin crowns for 30 years because my front adult teeth were decayed. No regrets at all however now I want to have them replaced with newer crowns and a fixed bridge. the price to get this done is about 12,000. Based on your experience, do you think this is too much?
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maryland bridge
Amount: $4,200.00 total
Posted by: katherine.r.w in Auckland, New Zealand, Other.Posted: June 19th, 2010 09:06PM
after having braces for four years with two false teeth bonded to the bracket it was now time to have a permanent fixture for my two front incisors. i was not willing to have the operation, prep and recovery time required for implants so a bridge was my only option. granted that the teeth on either side of the false teeth are slightly grey due to the metal bonded at the back, my teeth look great, i now smile naturally and don't have the constant fear of something snapping. the hygiene required is a nuisance however after years of braces and gaps it's all worth it.
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Amount: $12,000.00 total
Posted by: Stephanie1460 in lehigh acres, FL.Posted: May 23rd, 2010 12:05PM
Just got an estimate to have a bridge done on my front teeth that will also call for a buildup etc on the top of my this the practical cost of this??
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Bridge Replacement
Amount: $3,000.00 total
Posted by: Crystal OKC in Oklahoma City, OK.Posted: April 12th, 2010 04:04PM
I was born without my upper lateral incisors. After braces, at 17 I had 2 cantilever bridges put in. Both of my upper canines were shaved down and then a porcelain cap with the fake tooth connected was cemented on. I only had 1 tooth shaved down for each bridge. I am now 31 and my cantilever bridges are still fine and have caused me no problems. I have wasted time and money to find out I'm not a good candidate for implants. The color of my bridges was great until whitening became popular. After years of thinking about it, I have decided to have my bridges replaced with new ones after my teeth are whitened. It is only $3000.00 compared to the $7500.00 plus I was told I would have had to pay if I was able to get implants. My point is everyone is different. No mouth the same, no hygenie the same, no dentist the same. You shouldn't sway someone to not get a bridge just because you had a bad experience. I've had a great experience. No one even knows those two teeth are fake. I recommend you tell people about your experience and let them make their own decisions.
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Bridge vs Implant
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Laurie in Port Richey, FL.Posted: February 1st, 2010 09:02AM
Jillian, it is easy to say GO IMPLANT, but you have to have good bone to attach it to. In this article, it says it could cost more than $30,000, depending on how much building up of the gums and bones you need. My dentist said I am not a good candidate for an implant (which I would have definitely preferred)but I obviously have no other choice(besides keeping the space there!) Your comment was helpful to me, and I will ask my dentist more about the future situations that could arise. But he also told me, the starting prices between a bridge and implant isn't that much difference..$3,300 for bridge and $3,700 for implant. I would have paid the higher for implant..but like I said...not a good candidate...and the more work to restore bones and gums...WOOH!..just cannot afford that much!I am sorry for the situation you are in, that's what I am worried about for it was good to get your info!!!
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Amount: $1,500.00 total
Posted by: Jillian in St. Louis, MO.Posted: January 28th, 2010 09:01AM
People, take it from me, if given the choice of Bridge vs. more expensive implant..take the implant for God's sake and yours! I opted for the cheaper route, and am now paying dearly. Bridges require the Dr. to grind-down the two prob. good teeth on either side of the bridge and then these appliances collect food debris underneath requiring you to waterpik underneath them almost daily, okay, ultimately this is merely a short-term fix which they readily admit will require replacement & adjustments. All this can aggravate the one or both of the teeth that were ground as w/me, 5 yrs later, I had to have bridge removal & extraction of the ground down at 45 something yrs. of age, I'm missing 3 teeth on R lower left, began chewing on R to compensate, cracked upper left, where I just underwent root canal 2-4 mths ago! Got the picture? Instead of initial 1 tooth implant, which is supposed to last lifetime for $3-4K, I'm now looking at 4X that amount minimum, just 5 yrs. if given the choice, GO IMPLANT and you'll likely never have to look back!! p.s. and I wished I'd come across a message like this 5 yrs. ago :-( & no matter what she looks like in the picture, who wants to date a girl with dentures or teeth! This is my painful reality.
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3-unit Bridge porc.fuse.hi.nob crown
Amount: $2,600.00 total
Posted by: dentists decay like me in Princeton, NJ.Posted: December 27th, 2009 08:12PM
Dentist: good general dentistType of Bridge:
I got the regular fixed 3-unit bridge: a pontic, with porcelain-fused to high nobel metal crowns on each side of a molar/pre. Dentist billed me for bridge at $3100.(an extra $325 for the molar extraction, intraoral periapical film xray). My Dental Insurance lowered fee to $2,800; and I had to pay $1800 (the $1500 deductible used up).
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bridge failure
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: les carter in ukiah, CA.Posted: September 30th, 2009 05:09PM
Dentist: scogginsType of Bridge:
i received a 7 tooth bridge. it was not permittly
sealed and failed. the anchor teeth decayed away.
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