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Hernia Repair Cost

How Much Does Hernia Repair Cost?

low costWith Insurance: $700-$2,000high costWithout Insurance: $4,000-$11,000

A hernia is a condition that occurs when an internal organ, such as part of the intestine or stomach, bulges through the muscle and skin. Typically hernias appear suddenly, after lifting or straining weak muscles. According to the Cleveland Clinic[1] , about 5 million Americans develop a hernia each year. Surgery is necessary for the hernia to be fully resolved, though some patients can suppress symptoms by using a hernia truss.

Typical costs:

  • About 70 percent of hernias occur in the groin, which is called an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia can be repaired through open surgery or laparoscopic surgery, according to the National Guideline Clearinghouse[2] . A recent study[3] of more than 1.5 million hernia operations found that the average cost for an open hernia surgery ranged between $4,200 and $6,200. Those with insurance can expect to pay typical deductibles and coinsurance rates. According to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the average family will have a $939 deductible to meet each year before their insurance benefits cover procedures. In addition, the survey found that the average coinsurance rate is about 17.9 percent of the bill. This means the average patient would pay between $750 and $1,109 for their hernia surgery.
  • The other common type of hernia is called an umbilical hernia, which occurs in the abdomen. An umbilical hernia can also be repaired through laparoscopic or open surgery, which can cost an individual without insurance between $4,000 and $11,000. The average individual with insurance can expect to pay between $700 and $2,000.
  • Some patients opt to delay surgical treatment of a hernia. In these cases, physicians often recommend the use of a hernia truss. A hernia truss or hernia support pushes the bulging organ back into the body. Hernia supports can cost between $15 and $110.
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What should be included:
  • Patients undergoing open surgical treatment of a hernia will have an incision made in the skin, near the site of the hernia. The surgeon will push the bulging organ back into its proper position and then will repair the muscle tear. Patients undergoing laparoscopic surgical treatment of a hernia will have three small incisions made near the site of the hernia. The surgeon will use a camera to view the issues inside the body and small instruments to make repairs to the injured tissue.
  • Patients can expect to spend a few hours at the hospital or outpatient surgery center recovering. In some cases, a longer recovery period is necessary. During the recovery time, patients will have a bed and may receive intravenous fluids. Pain relief will also be provided, either via IV or tablet.
Additional costs:
  • Patients recovering from hernia surgery may be prescribed pain medication when leaving the hospital.
  • Most patients will not need rehabilitation services after hernia surgery, but significant time off from work may be required. According to the National Guideline Clearinghouse[4] , patients undergoing open surgery can return to light clerical work in about two weeks. Patients who work as manual laborers should wait between 21 and 56 days before returning to work, depending upon the intensity of their job. Those undergoing laparoscopic surgery should wait about a week before returning to light clerical work and about two weeks to 28 days before returning to a manual labor position. For many patients, the Family Medical Leave Act[5] will protect them from losing their job during a period of medical leave. However, employers are not required to offer pay beyond accrued vacation and sick leave time during the recovery period. Before the surgery, patients who may require extended medical leave should research the medical leave act and talk to their human resources department about leave options.
  • Many hospitals will provide financial assistance to low-income families and individuals. The level of assistance and income requirements will vary by facility. Be sure to contact the hospital or outpatient facility prior to receiving treatment.
Shopping for hernia repair:
  • A patient's primary care physician will likely refer the patient to a surgeon for a surgical hernia repair. Patients can check a physician's licensure status with their state department of registration. Patients can also make sure their surgeon is board-certified through the American Board of Medical Specialties [6] .
  • For more information about selecting a doctor, the National Institutes of Health [7] offers a free guide online.
  • When shopping for a hernia truss, make sure the system fits and adequately supports the hernia. Many trusses will provide complete relief of symptoms, though they do not cure the hernia. Patient can ask a pharmacist for assistance in determining proper fit.
  • not covered by insurance
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Hernia Operation
Amount: $23,000.00
Posted by: Kelly Stewart in Beaufort, SC.Posted: October 13th, 2021 05:10AM
Type of Hernia: Belly ButtonType of Procedure: Robot
Surgeon: Hospital BasedMedical Facility: Beaufort Memorial Hospital
45 minute surgery . I got to the hospital at 630 in the morning. I did the paperwork and paid the first 900 dollars. I have BCBS insurance . I was home resting by 1030 same morning. Just a few hours at the hospital. Surgery went great. This bills started coming and after all said it cost 23000 dollars. Im not sure how much insurance paid but I maxed out so I paid 3000 my annual deductible . This seem a little much for a 45 minute surgery. Health care cost are out of control and Im not sure where the blame is. People not paying hospitals, aliens not paying and giving a different name to hospitals, people unable to pay bills. Im sure there are factors I am not privy to. I believe that I should have shopped around to different hospitals for a better price. I went with the hospital closest to my house. Great staff , nice hospital support staff I have no complaints with the overall treatment. Maybe you get what you pay. I would tell people 100% I was happy with treatment.
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robotic laparoscopic bilateral hernia repair
Amount: $55,321.00
Posted by: David848594373 in Mountain View, CA.Posted: October 2nd, 2021 05:10PM
Type of Hernia: bilateral inguinalType of Procedure: robotic laparoscopic
Surgeon: Seth StrichartzMedical Facility: El Camino Hospital
most paid by insurance, my cost was my max out of pocket for the year. Cost was more than twice the worst-case estimate I could find online for the area I live in.
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Amount: $3.00
Posted by: Jim Sherlock in Bowmanville, Ontario, Other.Posted: March 3rd, 2020 04:03AM
Type of Hernia: InguinalType of Procedure: Laparoscopic
Surgeon: Dr. KangMedical Facility: Bowmanville Lakefront Health Hospital
Day surgery - the cost is for hospital parking. No co-pay or deductible
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Hospital Charged $323,000 for about 1 hour outpatient surgery
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Drew Mayerson in Templeton, CA.Posted: October 7th, 2019 09:10PM
Type of Hernia: UmbilicalType of Procedure: Outpatient - Laparascopic
Surgeon: Medical Facility: Twin Cities, Templeton CA
Hsopital charged $323,000 for a 45 min to 1 hour laproscopic surgery on my naval with a mesh implant. Medicare pays and they accepted only $116,000. I had to pay $0 because I have supplemental insurance. Regardless, I was outraged that the hospital feels they can charge that much money. That's the price of a home around here. Does anybody think this is an abuse of the system or am I missing something?
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Open repair and biomesh
Amount: $362,000.00
Posted by: BKirk1 in Denver, CO.Posted: January 9th, 2019 03:01PM
Type of Hernia: IncisionalType of Procedure: Open/Robotic
Surgeon: A damn good oneMedical Facility: St Luke\'s in Denver
A basketball sized hernia that I lived with for two years. Surgeon had to remove part of my small intestine, my ovaries and my appendix. Over 8 hours on the table and an additional 7 days in the hospital.
The overall cost shook me but the surgery saved my life.
Do not put off hernia repairs. Get em done while they're small
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Repair Initial Iniguinal Hernia Surgery
Amount: $17,310.20
Posted by: Paul Klearman in St Louis, MO.Posted: October 15th, 2018 08:10PM
Type of Hernia: Iniguinal HerniaType of Procedure: Double Hernia
Surgeon: Daniel HafenrichterMedical Facility: BJC Healthcare-Mo Baptist
This is a double hernia, medical procedural code #49505. The procedure was completed @ Mo. Baptist Hospital, St Louis, MO 63141. This was on an out-patient basis. The procedure was about one hour and went home, one follow up to the surgeon. Included a new, stated "safe mesh."
I feel that the procedure costs which included the anesthesiologist, all encompassing, was too high. What do you think? ***** They did not send me the bill until October of 2018!!! Fortunately, our carrier paid the lions share. Surgery was on 8/11/2017. I would appreciate your input accordingly, thank you.
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Right Inguinal Hernia in India
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: KR in Mumbai, India, NY.Posted: March 27th, 2018 12:03PM
Type of Hernia: Right Inguinal HerniaType of Procedure: open, with J&J mesh
Surgeon: Dr Sudeep ShahMedical Facility: Hinduja Hospital
This was for my dad, who is 85. The surgeon was very professional and well-trained and the hospital (with a Short stay private room package was just world class & accounted for most of the $1100, including overnight stay in a fully staffed facility). My dad was able to walk the next day (the local anesthesia numbed his leg so much that he could not walk the same evening. the 3-4" wound is healing OK, except they took off the waterproof bandage in 3 days which caused some local abrasion with his clothing seepage calling for local antibiotics (neomycin powder). I am a US healthcare scientist (not a practicing doctor), and everything I saw in this hospital compared favorably with US hospital facilities. totally shocked at the rates we are paying in this country for such a simple 20-30 minute procedure- I had no idea till we read the other reviews. We paid out of pocket in India since it was a semi-emergency. Could not dream of paying out-of-pocket in the USA at these prices.
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Laprascopic Outpatient Igunial Hernia Repair
Amount: $24,904.00
Posted by: Doug May in Noblesville, IN.Posted: February 26th, 2018 08:02AM
Type of Hernia: L-side Igunial HerniaType of Procedure: Outpatient Surgery with Mesh
Surgeon: Dr. Samuel R. HeiserMedical Facility: Riverview Surgery Center
I am confident that I received excellent care for my less than 5 hour stay for surgery and recovery, by a highly skilled physician and team. Grateful for their care.
Having said that I wish I had shopped the service or had some consultation from my insurance about what a fair billing is for this surgery.
It appears that I have blown my entire combined deductible, and now responsible for $6,414 out of my own pocket, a remaining balance of what appears to be more than what some people and their insurance are billed for in total.
Had I been a wiser buyer, I could have reduced my own liability and prevented my insurance company from also paying a price that appears to be on the higher side of the market.
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Inguinal hernia repair
Amount: $1,900.00
Posted by: Wayne Fenimore in Rockville, PA.Posted: March 30th, 2017 10:03PM
Surgeon: Dr Alan KravitzMedical Facility: Montgomery Surgical
After popping a hernia on vacation I flew home and starting to look around for a surgeon. Since I don't have insurance the quotes were out of sight. Anywhere from 6000 to over 20000. I found Dr Kravitz online. I did a complete background check and found that he had no sanctions or lawsuits pending.
I made my appointment and had my surgery . I was treated like a rock star from everyone. A true professional. More doctors should follow his lead and make surgery affordable.
Recovery is ongoing and successful. I walk a few miles everyday from day one.
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Laparoscopic Hernia Repair with Mesh
Amount: $28,488.00
Posted by: J. Squires in Daytona Beach, FL.Posted: March 25th, 2017 10:03AM
Type of Hernia: LaparoscopicType of Procedure: Hernia Repair with Mesh
Surgeon: Dr. Joel SebastienMedical Facility: Halifax Medial Center
I had a huge hernia on my right side for about four years. It went untreated until I found a great job with excellent health care. The Operation took about seven hours from the time I walked in 'til they wheeled me out the front door. I was off work for eight days and my right testicle is still swollen, not the regular size after 53 days. Out of pocket expense including Dr. visits is around $500.
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Hernia operation
Amount: $1,900.00
Posted by: Faron Vernon in Rockville, MD.Posted: January 3rd, 2017 06:01PM
Type of Hernia: InguinalType of Procedure: open
Surgeon: Dr, Alan KravitzMedical Facility: Montgomery medical facility
Dr. Kravitz was very professional and proficient. I drove 320 miles to his office for the consultation and was operated on the next day. Recovery was not bad at all.
When I see what some have paid for this same operation, I am appalled at our insurance companies for paying out these outrageously bloated prices. If i want Obama care just for me it cost over $800 a month. Now I know why. This makes it very apparent how crooked our health care system is. Sad.
Thank you Dr. Kravitz for being affordable for patients like me.
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umbilical hernia
Amount: $42,000.00
Posted by: irene lopez in tampa, FL.Posted: September 17th, 2016 09:09AM
Type of Hernia: umbilical herniaType of Procedure: mesh
Surgeon: Dr. KaufmanMedical Facility: tampa community hospital
Question bill of 420000. Received detail for 72,ooo.Need help on disputing this
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hernia repair-NO MESH
Amount: $3,400.00
Posted by: Joe Scott in Ft Myers, FL.Posted: February 25th, 2016 12:02PM
Type of Hernia: INGUINALType of Procedure: OPEN
Surgeon: TOMASMedical Facility:
NO MESH technique at UFirst Health in Ft Myers Fl
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large ventral incisional hernia
Amount: $40,000.00
Posted by: suki7 in Little Rock, AR.Posted: February 7th, 2016 09:02AM
Large ventral hernia that i walked around with for two years. Cause: returned to work on floor as nurse. Lifting patients (even with help-- 250 pound patients). Incisional hernia. Couldnt stop to get it repaired. Finally repair. What would have been simple hernis repair two years ago was now major surgery. Five days in hospital. Major pain meds. I now have "marshmellow" middle with mesh. Just glad no infection. Had to get it done. It was like having huge basketball removed from abdomen. My advice: dont wait-- hernias should be repaired asap! This is 2016.
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Hernia surgery
Amount: $3,299.00
Posted by: [email protected] in Fort Myers, FL.Posted: December 25th, 2015 11:12AM
Surgeon: Dr. ThomasMedical Facility: U first health (Fort Myers Fl.)
I am a contractor and have delt with a inguinal hernia for over 3 years. My Wife found this incredible place in 2015. "NO MESH" Thank God for a Great wife, they use the Disarta method. I walked the beach the next day after surgery and after 1 week I had to be constantly reminded to slow down. I felt so good. Please remember it's surgery so yes there was a small amount of discomfort but nothing compared to 1 day of hernia and truss discomfort I felt with for 3years. These people or so great, pleasant, profesional, and caring. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. No hidden cost. I did not have insurance so my wife and I drove our van 12 hrs got a room From Thurs-Monday at the extended stay inn and had to purchase 2 prescriptions. Total gas, rooms, food,prescriptions and surgery was less then $4,500.
You can email me if you need any information or referance.
Two months now and I feel perfect.
[email protected]
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Hernia Operation in Los Angeles, CA
Amount: $158,000.00
Posted by: Patricia21 in Los Angeles, CA.Posted: October 3rd, 2015 05:10AM
Type of Hernia: StomachType of Procedure: Laparoscopic
Surgeon: Rather not sayMedical Facility: Cedar Sinai
This was a small stomach hernia that did not even require mesh. My insurance was billed total 158,000 which included surgeons (2), anesthesia, and hospital charges. My insurance covered about 28000, and I am hoping to cap my costs at 6200. I have not idea why it was so expensive - surgeon said it was a very minor repair.
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Hernia repair
Amount: $3,500.00
Posted by: Henry Slisbury in Germany, Other.Posted: September 5th, 2015 02:09AM
Type of Hernia: Bilateral and InguinialType of Procedure: Laposcopic
Surgeon: Dr FrankenbergerMedical Facility: Salem Clinic, Heidelberg Uviversity
Went in yesterday morning for my operation and felt a bit Wosey when I got out of surgery, but this morning after having slept all night in the hospital feel excellent and can walk easily with no pain. Doctors here want paitients to remain two days in hospital for observation. Hospitali is super clean and Ver modern and I have my own room. Out of pocket expense $450.
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laproscopic hernia repair
Amount: $26,119.00
Posted by: tony O in Mountain view, CA.Posted: July 31st, 2015 10:07AM
Type of Hernia: InigualType of Procedure: inguinal
Surgeon: Medical Facility: el camino hospital
26,119 for outpatient surgery, medicare paid 765.60 and no additional charge to patient.. Brits pay 1900, health care costs U.S. outrageous.
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Bilateral Laparoscopic Hernia Repair with Mesh
Amount: $23,291.00
Posted by: Ray Gromer in Oakland, CA.Posted: July 7th, 2015 11:07PM
Type of Hernia: InguinalType of Procedure: Laparoscopic Bilateral Mesh
Surgeon: MoresteinMedical Facility: Summit Medical Center
Total billed was $39,716 including facility, anesthesiologist and surgeon. Blue Shield CA Insurance paid $19,140 and I paid $4,151.
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Inguinal and umbilical Hernia Operation
Amount: $19,000.00
Posted by: jbowen73 in Logan, UT.Posted: June 26th, 2015 06:06AM
Type of Hernia: Inguinal and UmbilicalType of Procedure: Hernia Repair with mesh
Surgeon: Medical Facility: Logan Regional Hopspital
I had some lower pains in my groin area that led me to the Dr. After several tests it was confirmed I had an obvious umbilical hernia and an inguinal hernia. Total bill came to about $7000. This year marks the most expensive year I've ever had in my 41 years of life for medical expenses. I pay a $500 premium per month on top of these bills. My work pays an additional $500 per month for my premiums as well. Bringing my grand total of medical expenses for this year to $19000. I still have some pains associated with the hernia and mesh. Just a very dull pain in my groin area. Was the surgery worth it? I'm not certain other than the fact that the mess will prevent a life threatening inguinal hernia from happening. I guess if you look at it that way it was worth it. Just so you know. I don't have $7000 just laying around so I've been put on a payment plan. I'm amazed out how much difference there is on this site in costs of the medical procedures.
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Hernia Operation in Japan
Amount: $40.00
Posted by: a user in Obihoro, Hokkaido, Other.Posted: May 28th, 2015 01:05AM
Type of Hernia: Inguinal HerniaType of Procedure: Mesh
Surgeon: Medical Facility: Social Services Association Obihiro Hosp
I'm a US citizen but I couldn't be happier that my hernia happened while working in Japan. I had a standard surgery (mesh repair) as an in-patient. I stayed for 3 days at the hospital for recovery as well and my total bill before insurance was only 120000 Yen (~$980)! After my work insurance kicked in I only had to pay 5000 yen ($40). It honestly seems that buying a hernia truss, taking a vacation to Japan, finishing up with a surgery and coming home would be a cheaper option than having the surgery done in the United States.
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Outpatient hernia repair
Amount: $80,430.71
Posted by: Gary H in Richmond, VA.Posted: February 11th, 2015 09:02AM
Type of Hernia: Inguinal - doubleType of Procedure: Laproscopic mesh
Surgeon: Dr. Clifford DealMedical Facility: Henrico Doctors Hospital - Richmond, VA
$80K plus $2,550 for anesthesia, for a total of $83,000...for a 90 minute outpatient procedure. This seems about triple what some of the higher amounts were indicated and the insurance company, after my $5K deductible, is indicating another $14,493 due from me PLUS 1/2 the anesthesia cost. Hospital had provided me an estimated cost of $27,000 when they took my $5K deductible payment.
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outpateint hernia repair
Amount: $23,000.00
Posted by: swift in Oakland, CA.Posted: November 20th, 2014 04:11PM
Type of Hernia: adominalType of Procedure: mesh
Surgeon: unkhownMedical Facility: highland hospital
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Bilateral Inigual
Amount: $33,580.92
Posted by: Kenneth62 in Shelby, NC.Posted: August 12th, 2014 08:08PM
Type of Hernia: Bilateral IngualType of Procedure: Laproscopic/open
Surgeon: Joseph SmithMedical Facility: Shelby Hospital NC
Originally diagnosed as a double hernia. The day of surgery it was determined via laproscopically that only one hernia required repair. During the procedure it was determined an open surgery was also required. Three holes for the laproscopic and an inscision 5 inches long was required. A total of 26 staples were use to close. It took approx 2 hours. I have insurance and for the life of me can not justify a total of $33,580.92. It took 5 days of flat on my back rest to be able to even stand and walk.I am out of work for 6 weeks.
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Hernia Repair
Amount: $600.00
Posted by: James_H in Farmington Hills, MI.Posted: June 18th, 2014 06:06AM
Type of Hernia: UmbilicalType of Procedure: Stitched
Surgeon: Medical Facility: Botsford Hospital
Repaired my umbilical hernia with 3 stitches. Tear was not large enough for a mesh. Total cost before insurance was about $6000. My out of pocket was around $600 since I hadn't met my deductible. Two days off work. Only the first day of recovery was uncomfortable. Very Easy. If you need it done, just do it. Simple procedure with nothing to worry about.
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Bilateral hernia repair
Amount: $3,200.00
Posted by: Holen in Rockville, MD.Posted: March 2nd, 2014 06:03AM
Type of Hernia: inguinalType of Procedure: mesh
Surgeon: Dr. Alan KravitzMedical Facility: Montgomery Surgery Center
Repair done Feb. 2014 not 2013
Flat fee for 1 repair is $1900.
After arrival Dr. found 2nd hernia, thus the $3200
total price.
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Large Ventral Hernia with BioMesh
Amount: $300,000.00
Posted by: 1Michele in denver, CO.Posted: July 29th, 2013 10:07AM
Type of Hernia: VentralType of Procedure: open/robotic
Surgeon: ColoradoMedical Facility: Colorado
I believe that I have one of the most expensive hernia repairs of all time and still infected and spending more money on the ongoing issues, I should say my insurance company is spending money:) I was open for 9 plus hours and in the hospital for 7 days so still expensive....
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Tim Thompson
Amount: $28,500.00
Posted by: timoteo in mammoth lakes, CA.Posted: December 7th, 2011 07:12AM
Type of Hernia: inguinalType of Procedure: bilateral inguinal laparoscopic
Surgeon: andy bourneMedical Facility: Mammoth Hospital
seems like I am the second most expensive bilateral inguinal surgery in the usa
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Hernia repair
Amount: $1,900.00
Posted by: David Kapell in London, Other.Posted: March 27th, 2010 06:03AM
Type of Hernia: InguinalType of Procedure: open
Surgeon: Medical Facility: British Hernia Center
I had a 15-minute, painless, outpatient hernia repair that entailed NO pain, required NO time off from work, came with a documented .5% recurrence rate and was guaranteed for life! I walked over 15 miles the NEXT DAY starting 18 hours after the surgery and it didn't slow me down one bit. All for $1,900. And America has THE BEST health care system in the world? Not for hernias!
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Hernia Operation
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: stetson in Augusta, ME.Posted: February 1st, 2010 10:02PM
Type of Hernia: belly buttonType of Procedure: hernia repair with mesh
Surgeon: Medical Facility: Maine Medical
Don't remember surgeon who did it but she was scottish and she did a great job!
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