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Physical Therapy Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Physical Therapy Comments

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ACL/Meniscus Repair PT
Amount: $300.00
Posted by: Miggel in Houston, TX.Posted: December 17th, 2015 10:12AM
Physical Therapist: Ironman Memorial HermannNumber of Sessions: 1
300$ per session! All they do is to show you the exercise let you do it for 1-15 mins and treat another customer in the meantime, then come back and show you the next exercise. I think this is crazy expensive, but seems to be the general scheme unless you go to a self-employed PT.
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Lesson learned - ask about rates before hand
Amount: $691.00
Posted by: Webster Miller in Dallas, TX.Posted: December 5th, 2015 05:12AM
Physical Therapist: Doctor's Hospital at White Rock LakeNumber of Sessions: each 1 hour session
Never in my life would I have guessed PT would cost $172.90 per 15 MINUTES. Just three years ago I had PT for a back injury at a different facility and their rate was more along the lines of $150/hour. I made the mistake of assuming that PT rates would be pretty standard. The appointments consisted of nothing more than basic exercises. They could have simply given me a sheet of paper with instructions and I could have done them all on my own. This might be one of the biggest scams in all of health care.
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Shoulder Pain, postural
Amount: $874.74
Posted by: Really dissatisfied user in Greenwood, IN.Posted: December 2nd, 2015 07:12AM
Physical Therapist: Hayden PT, Greenwood INNumber of Sessions: 7
I got this ridiculous bill and went to the facility for an explanation. That's when I found that they charge by UNIT, a unit being 15 minutes. If the session is 17 minutes they charge you for 2 units. I never kept track of the minutes while I was there, but know I now that if you need PT you'd better show up with a stop-watch, and keep track of every second. I am not paying the bill (which is partially covered by insurance, so they already got plenty of $$$ from me) because I think that if a facility charge by the minute they should post their rates on the wall. Taxi cabs do it, and this is non different: they also take you for a ride.
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physical therapy 6 sessions
Amount: $1,637.12
Posted by: Cathy Crabb in Pueblo, CO.Posted: September 19th, 2015 06:09PM
Physical Therapist: MaciNumber of Sessions: 6
$1637 - what the hell - 45 minute sessions - this is crazy too expensive - will never do that again!!! Will tell anyone that wants to try to avoid surgery, just to do it - it is actually cheaper!!
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car accident and my lawyers sent me to there rcomended physical therapist
Amount: $2,888.00
Posted by: mathew rodriguez in surprise, AZ.Posted: August 27th, 2015 12:08AM
Physical Therapist: Dr ShiedlmanNumber of Sessions: 12
im wondering since my lawyer has a relation ship with them what is the usual dicount they give to lift the lean so i can settle this cas. please email me if you have any advise or have been threw the same [email protected]
Thank you
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Physical therapy at Tria
Amount: $275.00
Posted by: EJ5851 in Bloomington, MN.Posted: July 16th, 2015 08:07PM
Physical Therapist: Mary WolfNumber of Sessions: 1
Spent 1 hour for assessment of elbow pain, suggested by the doctor. went through basic exercises with a enlarged rubber band. bill came and the amount for this waste of time was more than what it cost to see the doctor. Would not have done this if i had known the price. a youtube search would have provided the exact same excercises.
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Svmc emporia
Amount: $19,000.00
Posted by: Kenneth Tarzwell in Emporia, VA.Posted: June 30th, 2015 12:06AM
Physical Therapist: SaraNumber of Sessions: 10
Was billed for 15 visits. Didnt go more than 10 times. Billed insurance 1200 per 45 min visit, on tens and bike, left unattended to multitask.
i was told by referral of dr to go and insurance paid for 20 visits. Nothing else. My total out of pocket due is 1600.00 i am not paying this bill.
the final traction attempt almost killed me so i quit.
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Post gall bladder surgery "gait evaluation"
Amount: $523.00
Posted by: John C. in Overland Park, MO.Posted: May 16th, 2015 08:05AM
Physical Therapist: Number of Sessions: One
My son had his gall bladder removed and the surgeon ordered a precautionary overnight hospital stay because it was his first anasthesia, etc. Because the doctor also ordered he be gotten up once during the evening ,a physical therapist came and accompanied him on a walk around the ward and up and down a prefab flight of 5 stairs. 15 minutes of P.T. are logged on the bill. That's $2092 per hour for this, really, unnecessary service. AND, my excellent Blue Cross/ Blue Shield policy rejected coverage completely, leaving the bill to us. Hospital physical therapy seems to be VERY expensive. Anyone else?
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Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy
Amount: $1,903.00
Posted by: UseYouTubeforPT in waco, TX.Posted: February 17th, 2015 06:02PM
Physical Therapist: HillcrestNumber of Sessions: 5
Would have been $3461 without Aetna discount. This was just simple therapy with rubber hose, pvc pipe and pulleys - no massage, ultrasound, heat or ice. Hourly rate is insanely high. Would not have gone had I known this beforehand. I won't do that again.
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recent significan increase with Providence
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: beware Providence in Hood River, OR.Posted: January 29th, 2015 01:01PM
Physical Therapist: Providence Gorge SpineNumber of Sessions: 1
We are in the process of arranging a PT evaluation and finding that the estimated costs are varying widely from about $200 for an hour of evaluation and initial treatment up to $460 ($260 for half hour"evaluation" plus 2 (15) minute units at $100 each in the initial one hour evaluation) The more expensive estimate came from a PT clinic recently taken over by Providence, our friendly, neighborhood not for profit. The rates there for an evaluation session had been about $200 before the recent take over. I was greatly relieved that this 130% increase was not for profit. Even the staff had no idea how much their rates had increased since the Providence take over Nov. 3rd 2014. Providence is a large healthcare provider in the Northwest and controls our local hospital as well. As the previous commenter noted the connection to connection to our hospital appears to have greatly increased the cost. Buyer beware since much of the cost is now out of pocket even with "good" insurance.
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shoulder impingement physical therapy
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: milliejazz in Vancouver,, WA.Posted: December 29th, 2014 05:12PM
Physical Therapist: Sarah DibleNumber of Sessions: 6
I went to physical therapy for a shoulder problem, I was charged $12 for hot pack, $68 for exercises, each time. I get that I should pay for the tens and other special things but not 68 for each small set of exercise! What finally helped was a cortisone shot! Unhappy camper.
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EXPENSIVE if connected to hospital
Amount: $2,718.00
Posted by: Johnny G. in Easley, SC.Posted: October 17th, 2014 11:10AM
Physical Therapist: Proaxis PowdersvilleNumber of Sessions: Five sessions, 45 minutes each
This practice is connected to Baptist Hospital Easley, and as a result, charges are more than twice what other PT's in the area charge. I had five (5) sessions, of 45 minutes each, of basic shoulder therapy, no massage, no electrical thingy, just mainly a pvc pipe and rubber bands. I asked for an up-front estimate, and they wouldn't tell me. I paid a $75 "co-pay" each time. Several weeks later, I got the final bill:
Total $2718
Network discount -$516.77
Insurance covered -$1371.65
My copays -$375
Balance they wanted from me: $454.58
I was shocked. Still fighting with the hospital.
I have had PT before in this town, so has my wife, from other practices. I recall it being around $150 and my share was around $40. Proaxis/Easley Baptist are WAY OUT OF LINE!!
Make sure you ask for an estimate up front, and shop around. DONT go to a practice that is connected to a hospital unless you are prepared to pay out the nose!!!
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Amount: $5,000.00
Posted by: Gary Hirsch in Albion, MI.Posted: September 22nd, 2014 04:09PM
Physical Therapist: mark MillerNumber of Sessions: 10
Oaklawn Hospital in Marshall, Mi quoted me a copay of 15.00/session. when I checked my bill, I had to quit. I asked for financial assistance and they gave me a 50% discount. However, Mr. Miller exaggerated the amount of time per session by 50%. So it was a wash. Upon appealing, they refuse to believe that my word about the amount of time spent per session was true. He even took me in 5 minutes lateso really instead of 45 minutes it lasted 25. He charged 215/15 minutes. Moreover, i tried to get them to guarantee further 50% discount for more PT, but they refused to sign the form that I sent them. I won't trust them.
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Rates not posted; Extremely high cost per visit
Amount: $562.00
Posted by: Anonyomous in Eugene, OR.Posted: August 27th, 2014 01:08PM
Physical Therapist: Therapeutic Associates, Eugene OregonNumber of Sessions: 3
For me, it cost $281/hr. Thank god I quit before racking up more charges. On the phone, they're reluctant to tell you what their fee structure is but yet they have you sign a form stating you understand you're liable to pay if your insurance doesn't. When pressed, they will tell you that typical patient costs are 100-300 per hour. An additional question gets you to the realization that no insurance or a high deductable means you'll be charged 300/hr. This is a very profitable profession and TA is milking it. Minimal overhead and little/zero malpractice risk
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Rotator Cuff Impingement
Amount: $447.07
Posted by: BAP2112 in Michigan City, IN.Posted: May 28th, 2014 10:05AM
Physical Therapist: OrthonetNumber of Sessions: 1
Had one evaluation on my shoulder with these folks. They said they had to call Cigna and if I didn't hear from them in a week or two to call them back. I thought that was lazy. A few weeks later I received a statement from Cigna saying that my bill is $447.07 -- all my responsibility. My doctor only charged $120 plus $35 for an xray. Ridiculous.
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Low Back Pain
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted by: a user in Las Cruces, NM.Posted: March 19th, 2013 05:03PM
Physical Therapist: 1Number of Sessions: 10
My husband when to physical therapy as recommended by his physician after he injured his back and was found to have two herniated discs. We were told prior to our appointment that there would be no co-pay for the therapy. Then we received a bill that totaled over $3,000. Most sessions were 45 min, 15 of which were on a TENS machine. The other period was spent working with a therapist...but the therapist gave instruction and then moved on to the next patient so the therapist wasn't even providing undivided attention and was charging $127 every 15 minutes. To me that cost seems ridiculous, especially if the therapist wasn't even working alone with my husband the whole time. Won't ever go back there again!
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physical therapy cost
Amount: $166.00
Posted by: a user in Ashland, WI.Posted: March 15th, 2013 03:03AM
Physical Therapist: Wilson Physical TheraypNumber of Sessions: each 1/2 hour session
for shoulder rotator cuff passive range of motion.
insurance negotiated lower rate of 142 per session. seems like it should be the hourly rate, not a 1/2 hour rate.
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Stroke Rehab
Amount: $10,000.00
Posted by: Shar1 in St. Clair, MI.Posted: December 18th, 2012 01:12AM
Physical Therapist: 2Number of Sessions: 25
Physical therapy was no longer covered by my sister's BCBSM insurance so we thought we could afford to do private pay because it was so necessary after her brain bleed/brain abscess. The first month we paid approx 6,000.00 which was 3,000.00 more than I expected. (25 sessionsX2 therapists). Last month there were evals and this month it was 25 sessions x 2 therapist for an hour, and it cost me 10,000.00 !rnThis was not including room and board at the Skilled Nursing Facility which 7,000.00 a month. I had to pull for from PT because even with a small inheritance to help me, and even though she is far from well, I can't afford it on private pay.
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