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Ambulance Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Ambulance Comments

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Cost of ambulance ride
Amount: $12,650.00
Posted by: David D. in Hermiston, OR.Posted: December 30th, 2016 03:12PM
Ambulance Provider: Hermiston AmbulanceDistance: 3.2 miles
I got out of my car to check on a tire, I thought was going flat from the noise I heard, was a large chunk of ice thumping against the tire and fenderwell, I knocked it loose from the fenderwell with my hammer from the trunk, and as I walked back around the car to place the hammer back in the trunk I caught the toe of my boot in a hole in the ice, and fell my body twisting to the right, and breaking both right lower leg bones in the process, the tibia in three places, and the fibula in one place. Excruciating pain, I could barely move, I tried to move back from the roadway I was lying in out beyond the car, but could only hunch up against the bumper the best I was able. I then called 911, and was taken to the hospital ER after about 10 minutes. The medic crew were awesome, the best I could have asked for, but then as I don't have insurance, haven't been at my job long enough, and my last insurance had dropped me, (Oregon Health plan), I received a bill for over $12,000.
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Eliminate High Costs Ground or Air ambulance Services Locacally and Worldwide.
Amount: $290.00
Posted by: UBEHL in Hammond, IN.Posted: December 8th, 2016 08:12AM
Ambulance Provider: UBEHLDistance: 1,000 miles
I often travel in the Caribbean and usually I purchased travel insurance to cover each trip. I came to realize that in the event of a medical emergency I must first pay the bill then apply for reimbursement. Most countries don't accept checks and credit cards may not be accessible. Hence, the likelihood of being stranded in a foreign land was enormous. Someone recommended UBEHL that offers an ambulance membership subscription, for ground or air ambulance services, which covers my family and me 24/7 and 365 days a year locally and worldwide. Zero deductibles, no co-pays, no Out-of-Pocket costs. The protection only costs $1 per day. At 57 years old, I have never used the services of an ambulance, but I am self-employed and cannot afford to have unexpected catastrophic expenses. Therefore, I am subscribed to this peace of mind that I carry with me everywhere I go.
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Over-priced 911 Transportation
Amount: $4,917.00
Posted by: 24liza in Republic, Wa., WA.Posted: November 2nd, 2016 07:11AM
Ambulance Provider: Ferry County Public Hospital DistrictDistance: 6 miles
My husband was having trouble breathing because of a bad cold/virus. He called 911 and was transported to the Ferry County Memorial Hospital,Republic, Wa. The EMT checked his vitals and transported him to the hospital.That's it. Hospital ran some tests, gave him an IV for dehydration -glucose/Sodium, and some horse-sized pills (that he could not swallow!) He was then released. He called Police to see if he could get a ride home, but they said no, they were too busy. There is NO taxi He walked 1/2 mile into town and a kind woman at the local grocery store drove him home. Bill is $4,917.00 with a "payment and adjustment " of $986.50
Emergency Medical Response- $4,749
Insurance payment $914.27
Republic Medical Center $168.00 (NO insurance payment)
Adjustment of $72.23
CURRENT patient Responsibility - $3,930.50
UNINSURED patients get 15% off bill if paid in full within 30 days. INSURED patients only get 5% reduction.
We pay $326 a yr in taxes for EMS and Hospital District.
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Excessive charges for ambulance service
Amount: $1,400.00
Posted by: JIMR in Roswell, GA.Posted: October 15th, 2016 11:10AM
Ambulance Provider: Metro RuralDistance: 8 miles
Humana paid $0 due to out-of-network.
Prices almost double from those established in adjoining counties of metro Atlanta.
Rural Metro gave oxygen without asking nor medically necessary. Same true with placing a saline solution port. Oxygen and port installed within only a few blocks of hospital.
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Air ambulance
Amount: $59,999.00
Posted by: Steve Childress in Carlsbad, NM.Posted: September 18th, 2016 11:09PM
Ambulance Provider: Rocky Mountain HoldingsDistance: 152.00 miles
I had a heart attack in Carlsbad, NM. My cardiologist in Lubbock, TX knew it was a stent malfunction from earlier in the year. He ordered me flown to Lubbock, 152 miles as the crow flies. Get a bill for $60,000 dollars. $394.00 dollars a mile. I was in the air Force. I know that is a ridiculous amount to pay. I was asked maybe 3 times during the flight, how ya doing. The rest of the time, the crew was on laptops and smart phones texting. Told them I had spinal injuries and need a pillow. An hour of the most excruciating back pain, never mind the chest compressions from heart attack. We are a 1 horse town and you're screwed if you need service and don't have insurance. $400.00 a mile for a helicopter? Give me a break! The 2 EST's could have lost 250 lbs. between them and not missed it. Maybe the fuel consumption was high!
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Ambulance ride
Amount: $4,500.00
Posted by: Deb L. in Basin, WY.Posted: August 13th, 2016 09:08PM
Ambulance Provider: White Lines dba Atwood AmbulanceDistance: 66 miles
Was taken by ambulance to hospital 3 miles from home. That hospital called ambulance to transport me to another hospital within 30 minutes of arriving. Ambulance service charged for 2 callouts. They are not in the preferred provider network for my BCBS. I will have to pay the whole amount out of pocket.
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The real cost associated
Amount: $-1,400.00
Posted by: Do you want frys with that in Madison, WI.Posted: August 13th, 2016 05:08AM
For most, has this is rediculous pricing. Most met/meds make less than a McDonalds employee. You tip the pizza guy to bring it to your door, but carry 300 pound grandma down three flights of stairs, "that's your job". Do you realize, at least at our service, it takes $280.00 just to pull out of the station. Our insurance, per rig, is more per day than most people pay for one month. There are only three ambulance insurance companies in the USA. Then, when it's all done and said, medi-care refuses the trip. I can refuse to serve you in a restaraunt, but due to cobra, I can't refuse you the service. Now, add the fact of the frequent flier, 911 abusers we are lucky to be recovering .38 cents on the dollar. Top this off with the cost of the support staff, who answered the phone, who dispatched them, who maintained that rig? Starting to get the picture?
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Fair price
Amount: $34.04
Posted by: anon69 in Austin, TX.Posted: August 11th, 2016 09:08AM
Ambulance Provider: Austin Travis EMSDistance: 6.7
Total was 957.41. Cigna paid a good chunk of it. To keep it short. I dont do drugs, smoke or drink. Decide to take etizolam . Long story short I had a Grand Mal seizure and then stopped breathing as a result of withdraws. Happend in the middle of my parents taking me out to eat in the car. When I awoke the EMT lady said they had stuck oxygen tubes in my lungs through my nose and had me hooked up to saline and electrolytes, and a vitals monitor. I guess it was well worth the price considering I could of needed up retarded had I had brain damage. Considering the van cost hundrerds of thousands if not millions, the poor hard working trained emt have to get paid, all the equipment on the van, the people radioing the emt's in the van at the hospital. I say its well worth 1000.000 dollars.
I personal dont believe I deserved an ambulance considering theres people out there with real illnesses. But I didn't make the call. Oh yea I wet my self too so add in cleaning services.
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Amount: $1,867.80
Posted by: Kimberly L Teeple in Edina, MN.Posted: July 19th, 2016 01:07PM
Ambulance Provider: Hennepin County Medical CenterDistance: 6 miles
This was with an iv to hydrate and that is all. No other services provided.
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Amublance fee denied by BlueCross BlueShield
Amount: $1,638.31
Posted by: ES really? in Marshall, MN.Posted: May 28th, 2016 07:05PM
Ambulance Provider: North Memorial Ambulance ServiceDistance: 3 miles
I found my son who was taking a shower laying in the wet tub/shower unconscious. I called for an ambulance as there was no way I could get him out myself. When the ambulance arrived he awoke. He was vomiting. He was lifted out and transported to the hospital. Now BlueCross BlueShied tells me the bill is all mine.
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doctor called ambulance that is not necessary
Amount: $1,710.00
Posted by: Houston Ben in Houston, TX.Posted: May 2nd, 2016 10:05AM
Ambulance Provider: Bayou City EMSDistance: 0.5mile
I was in emergency room of St Luke's hospital, after check and exam, doctor decide to admit me into hospital. The main building is half a mile away from the emergency room, I fully capable of walk myself or my wife can give me drive, just around the corner. but they insist that I ride on an ambulance they called in, an old, cranky van for half mile ride... after that I got the bill of 1710!! I have insurance from BB, they they paid 1088, which I think is reasonable, but I still have to pay 622! The most expensive 1 minute ride in my life! I called to dispute the bill, they basically said that is the bill, that is what you have pay, period!!!
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