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Medical Specialties & Departments

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HIV/AIDS Treatment Cost 
Allergies & Asthma
Albuterol Inhaler CostAllergy Shots Cost
Allergy Testing Cost 
Audiology & Hearing Tests
Cochlear Implant CostEar Infection Cost
Ear Wax Removal CostHearing Aid Cost
Hearing Test CostOtoscope Cost
Tinnitus Treatment Cost 
Brain and Nervous System
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Treatment CostMultiple Sclerosis Treatment Cost
Muscular Dystrophy Treatment CostPeripheral Neuropathy Treatment Cost
Stroke Treatment CostTransient Ischemic Attack (TIA) Treatment Cost
Angiogram CostBlood Clot Treatment Cost
Cardiac Arrest Treatment CostEchocardiogram Cost
EEG CostEKG Cost
Heart Attack Treatment CostHeart Bypass Surgery Cost
Heart Rate Monitor CostHeart Stent Cost
Heart Surgery CostHeart Valve Replacement Cost
High Blood Pressure Treatment CostLung Transplant Cost
Pacemaker CostPulmonary Embolism Treatment Cost
Conditions and Diseases
Heat Stroke Treatment CostLupus Treatment Cost
Scleroderma Treatment Cost Cost 
Diabetes Medication CostDiabetes Treatment Cost
Glucose Meter CostInsulin Pump Cost
Pancreas Transplant Cost 
Ear, Nose and Throat
Septoplasty CostSinusitis Treatment Cost
Air Ambulance CostAmbulance Cost
Emergency Room Visit Cost 
Acid Reflux Treatment CostBarium Enema Cost
Celiac Disease Treatment CostColostomy Cost
Crohn's Disease Treatment CostDiverticulitis Treatment Cost
EGD CostGallbladder Surgery Cost
Hemorrhoid Treatment CostIncontinence Treatment Cost
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment CostIrritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Cost
Stool Testing CostUlcer Treatment Cost
Ulcerative Colitis Treatment Cost 
Addison's Disease Treatment CostCortisol Test Cost
Cushing's Syndrome Treatment CosthGh Cost
Dialysis CostKidney Stone Treatment Cost
Kidney Transplant Cost 
Nutritionist Cost 
Sacral Dimple Treatment CostThrush Treatment Cost
Annual Physical CostFirst Aid Kits Cost
Adenoidectomy CostSleep Apnea Treatment Cost
Sleep Center Cost 
Hyperthyroidism Treatment CostHypothyroidism Treatment Cost
Thyroid Test CostThyroiditis Treatment Cost
Circumcision CostCMG Cost
Cystoscopy CostUrinary Tract Infection Treatment Cost