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Dental Work Cost

How Much Does Dental Work Cost?

low costOffice Visit: $50-$350+average costFilling a Cavity: $50-$450+high costFull Mouth Reconstruction: $15,000-$80,000+
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  Typical costs:
  • An office visit can cost $50 -$350 or more, depending on what's included. A standard teeth cleaning can cost $70 -$200; dental X-rays can cost $20-$250 or more; and an exam by a dentist can be $50-$150 or more. Some or all of these costs may be covered by dental insurance.
  • Filling a cavity can cost $50-$300 or more for a silver amalgam filling, and $90-$450 or more for a tooth-colored composite; insurance typically covers all or most of the cost of amalgam fillings, but only part of the composite filling cost. Dental crowns can cost $500-$1,500 or more per tooth for porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns; $600-$2,500 or more for gold or other metal alloys; and $800-$3,000 or more for all-porcelain. Crowns are not covered by insurance if they can be considered cosmetic. A root canal can cost $300-$1,500 for a front tooth; $400-$1,800 for a bicuspid; and $500-$2,000 for a molar Dental insurance might cover 40%-80%, but many plans have an annual maximum of $1,000-$2,000.
  • Pulling a tooth can cost $75-$450 for a simple extraction (the tooth that is fully erupted from the gum), and $150-$650 or more for a surgical extraction (the tooth is broken off at the gum, or covered by gum or bone). Wisdom teeth removal can cost $75-$200 per tooth for a simple extraction; $225-$600 per impacted tooth; and $1,000-$3,000 or more to pull four impacted wisdom teeth in one appointment. Insurance typically covers 70%-80% of standard costs if the extraction is medically necessary.
  • A dental bridge can cost $1,000-$3,500 for one or two false teeth attached to the adjacent teeth with metal wings; $1,500-$6,000 for a traditional three-unit bridge (two crowns with one false tooth) or $2,000-$12,000 for a four-unit bridge (two crowns, two false teeth). Dental insurance might cover up to 50% of the costs, but many plans have an annual limit of $1,000-$2,000. Removable partial dentures start at $300-$500, average about $700 -$1,800, and can cost $2,000-$4,000 for premium materials like gold. Full dentures cost $600-$1,000 for a basic set (upper and lower); $1,000-$3,000 for midrange-quality dentures; and $4,000-$8,000 for a premium set. If dentures are medically necessary, insurance might pay 15%-50% of the costs (up to the plan's annual limit).
  • Cosmetic work is typically not covered by dental insurance. Teeth whitening can cost $50-$200 per treatment in a spa, salon or mall kiosk; $100-$500 for dentist-supervised at-home bleaching trays; and $300-$1,000 or more for in-office treatments. Dental veneers can cost $500-$1,300 per tooth; veneers on four front teeth can be $2,000-$4,500 or more. Tooth contouring (removing minute amounts of enamel) can cost $50-$500 per tooth. Cosmetic dental bonding (using tooth-colored resin to improve the look of a discolored or chipped tooth, or to fill gaps) can cost $100-$1,000 per tooth but averages $300-$600.
  • Dental implants (a titanium post surgically inserted into the jawbone, and after the site heals a crown, bridge or denture is attached) start at about $1,000-$3,000, and costs increase depending on the type of replacement tooth or teeth, and whether additional procedures like extractions or a bone graft are needed. An implant topped by a crown can cost $1,500-$13,000 or more; two to six implants with a bridge can cost $3,500-$30,000 or more; and four to 12 implants with a set of denture plates can cost $7,000-$90,000 or more. Full-mouth reconstruction using a wide variety of dental procedures can cost $15,000-$40,000, but if extensive reconstruction is needed it can be $45,000-$80,000 or more. Dental insurance might cover some or all of the costs of specific procedures that are considered necessary for medical or structural reasons, like root canals, but not cosmetic procedures like veneers or teeth whitening.
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Additional costs:
  • Ask if there will be any related costs. Some dentists include the cost of an initial exam, follow-up visits and X-rays in the quoted price for a specific procedure, but many do not.
  • The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has tips for finding low-cost dental care[1] .
Shopping for dental work:
  • WedMD lists things to consider when choosing a dentist[2] .
  • If the patient has dental insurance, the insurance company will provide a list of approved dentists. Or get referrals to local dentists from the American Dental Association[3] ; the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists[4] ; the American College of Prosthodontists[5] for a specialist in replacing teeth; the American Academy of Periodontology[6] for gum specialists; or the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons[7] .
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Why is dental care so expensive?
Amount: $1,300.00
Posted by: HencetheMagic in Phoenix, AZ.Posted: August 6th, 2020 07:08PM
Procedure: Exam, Cleaning, Partial CrownDentist/Oral Surgeon: Phoenix
I moved to Phoenix last year from Utah and was due for a routine cleaning / exam and needed to find a local dentist. I found one accepted by my insurance, signed up for a new patient cleaning, and was slammed with a $275 bill out of pocket after insurance. I called my insurance company and they said some of the Xrays weren't covered because I had the same Xrays done within 5 years. I told them I just moved states and the Xrays were necessary to treat me as a new patient, I moved and needed a new dentist. They said it didn't matter. During the exam the Dentist said I had a cracked filling that needed to be replaced, but because it was a large filling they needed to replace it with a partial porcelain crown. The filling had cost my $120 out of pocket a couple years earlier, now they quoted me $680 out of pocket (insurance covering half). They told me it was the only option. My next cleaning they took extra X rays without knowing there was an extra charge & forced me to pay another $185.
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bottom molar pulled
Amount: $1,500.00
Posted by: a user in westchester, NY.Posted: October 12th, 2019 04:10AM
Procedure: with surgical impactmentDentist/Oral Surgeon:
went in for a bottom molar pulled. cracked tooth down to bone. nothing to kill pain. I think $1500 in suburbs of New York was insane.
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All teeth extracted and replaced with implants
Amount: $5,700.00
Posted by: Abbyjj in Palestine, Other.Posted: October 1st, 2019 07:10AM
Procedure: Oral surgeryDentist/Oral Surgeon:
Mother in law had all of here teeth extracted then replaced with implants. Al her teeth were rotten. This was done in the Middle East. The quote we got from a dentist in the US was $5000 per tooth implanted
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I went to Thailand and had my whole mouth fixed
Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: Troy McPeek in Bangkok, Other.Posted: September 12th, 2019 01:09AM
Procedure: ManyDentist/Oral Surgeon: General dentist
I did tons of research before I made my decision. I have dental insurance but it should just be called a ‘discount’. I have lots of problems and I know this, so I wasn’t surprised at what I talked about with the dentist in Thailand. If I was to take advantage of my insurance, it would have taken years to complete all the work I needed and I still would have come out of pocket many thousands and probably developed more problems in the mean time. When all is said and done I would have paid 15-20 grand out of pocket so I feel I saved 5-8 grand easy. Thailand has the same high standards as the UK and US. Everyone at the dental office went out of the way to make me comfortable. They are very professional and highly educated and take there work very seriously and the facilities are state of the art. I was in good hands. The US makes an industry out of everything and I hate the idea of making my dentist a wealthy person based on our lack of income and going to so called specialists.
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Temporary 1-tooth removable partial denture, a "flipper"
Amount: $450.00
Posted by: Richard L Bryson in Carrboro, NC.Posted: August 12th, 2019 01:08PM
Procedure: ImpressionDentist/Oral Surgeon: General dentist
I am a retired general dentist and I know what things cost. This fee is grossly excessive and a clear breach of the public's trust. He spent 5 minutes and pays a small lab fee. Time for gov't control over this out-of-control profession !
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Crowns too small
Amount: $7,500.00
Posted by: Inger Scarlett in Jacksonville, FL.Posted: June 22nd, 2019 09:06AM
Procedure: Crown seating for implantsDentist/Oral Surgeon: Behzad Rajaei
My dentist placed crowns that were too small for my mouth. It seemed that the alignment of the crowns were for a much smaller mouth. I found it both
insulting/shocking that the dentist asked me if I liked my
results. Keep in mind this dentist have been doing implants for over 20 years!
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Routine dental care
Amount: $240.00
Posted by: Helmut in Portland, OR.Posted: May 3rd, 2019 11:05AM
Procedure: fillingDentist/Oral Surgeon: dentist
My burred molar filling needed replacement. My sole income is SS and limited, which this dentist knew.
He replaced the filling not with amalgam but with composite costing $260 and never cleared it with me beforehand.
I paid before leaving, but will never return.
Dentists' making a good living is fine, but those who see patients as income streams to enable payments on their lake house or 2d Mercedes should be discouraged.
There seems nothing in this town to help dental patients avoid being gouged.
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Cleaning and Composite filling #14 #30 & Crown #18
Amount: $2,337.00
Posted by: Slammed in Westfield, MA.Posted: March 2nd, 2019 08:03AM
Procedure: Teethe repairDentist/Oral Surgeon:
New dentist charged me $80 for X-ray, $250.00 for cleaning, and scheduled to have composite filling in #14 & #30 $707.00 & crown #18 $1380.00. Is this reasonable without dental insurance? Feel like it is expensive.
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Teeth cleaning
Amount: $112.00
Posted by: Thomas Jennings in Cornelius, NC.Posted: November 27th, 2018 08:11AM
Procedure: D110 prophylaxisDentist/Oral Surgeon:
Mooresville - plus oral evaluation code 62.00. At my age, 77, just need ongoing cleaning. Prices are too high.
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I can't afford all the dental work I need
Amount: $250.00
Posted by: Ken Adams in Riverside, CA.Posted: March 27th, 2018 03:03PM
Procedure: Re-glue crownDentist/Oral Surgeon: Kurt Greenway
I have a molar that developed a cavity under a crown, causing the crown to come off while flossing. I have Cigna dental insurance, but even with insurance, he wants over $2200 (my out of pocket) to do a root canal and tooth build up to install another crown. He wants $3500 (my out of pocket) to do a bridge. For one tooth! Maybe I should just have the tooth extracted and live with the missing tooth!
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I can't afford a cleaning at my dentist office
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: Latasha tisby in Long beach, CA.Posted: October 6th, 2016 03:10AM
Procedure: CleaningDentist/Oral Surgeon: Dr. Hanna
I can't afford my dental work beacuse I am lowincome i only recive social security and all my money go on bills and rent! And need to see my dentist really bad!
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