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Dentures Comments

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free dentures
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: sexygranny in Oakland, CA.Posted: March 14th, 2014 01:03AM
If you do not have much money and you need dental care or extractions and a full denture you can try calling Missions od Mercy and go to one of their free clinics...Many states are now doing the LARELL One Step Denture for the clinic patients...You can have teeth removed and after that get a free LARELL Denture if Missions of Mercy has the denture clinic... Just takes an hour and you leave with brand new great looking dentures. You can call and see if they offer the Larell clinic for dentures... I got mine in Sacramento Ca last year and they are really great.
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Amount: $5,600.00 total
Posted by: impatient in perris, CA.Posted: November 19th, 2013 10:11AM
Dentist: cross dental groupType: med grade
They gave me three choices 3000 5000 10.000 i choice the middle i get them in today they didnt have mine ready the day all my teeth were pulled i wasnt happy they
Left me no choice so i called
Just now they want me to
Wait again another appt i new the dentist was lying to me when he promised me they would be ready a week later said he wanted them to be perfect. Sure. So ill post when i get and see if they are perfect
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Great service from Elmont Health center
Amount: $350.00 total
Posted by: Sarah1977 in Elmont, NY.Posted: October 10th, 2013 07:10AM
Dentist: Dr Rory S. Sadoff, DDSType: Dentures
They were great guarenteed and they are super in my mouth
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full set of dentures
Amount: $5,000.00 total
Posted by: beautifulsmileat40 in aurora, OH.Posted: March 23rd, 2013 05:03PM
Dentist: dr kramer/dental worksType: premium
he couldn't have been a more caring ,attentive dentist.he was absolutely wonderful.i am 40 yrs old and was very concerned about my appearance . he did many fittings before he made my permanent set of dentures until i was 100% pleased with them. i am thrilled with how they turned out.they are beautiful and No one can tell they are dentures.
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Full permanent upper denture cost
Amount: $22,000.00 total
Posted by: Toothless in White Plains, NY.Posted: October 19th, 2012 11:10PM
Dentist: Family DentalType: General Dentist
I live in Westchester Co, NY. My dentist quoted me $22,000 for a permanent upper denture, the one that screws on to the implants. I am not including the cost for extractions, bone replacement or temporary denture. This quote is only for the actual denture. Does this cost seem correct?
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Amount: $400.00 total
Posted by: Carole in Waterloo SC in Akron, OH.Posted: September 18th, 2012 10:09PM
Dentist: cant remember nameType: plastic
Had oral surgery in Ohio. Was 28 at time. Front teeth were knocked loose from exhusband. Had to have bone reduced caise of overbite. That was over 30 yrs ago! Iam now 63 yrs old on ssi n medicaid n small retirement cant afford new They are so awful looking n yellow. Ive tried everything. Nothing works! yes i am a smoker but now yellow teeth that i have to use soo much glue n they took way too much bone out! anybody know of how i could get some help please email me soo ashamed hate to smile. Still have some teeth on bottom trying hard to keep those. life is hard! God bless us all n the USA
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Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: cheryl in palm harbour, AZ.Posted: August 20th, 2012 01:08PM
Dentist: palm harbourType: implant specialist
the best thing i ever did uppers and lowers. went to the best got the best. still great and feel like real teeth without the troubles that come with the real ones. my friend got cheaper ones and still has problems. get what ya pay for
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took a while but got it right
Amount: $2,300.00 total
Posted by: cindysue125 in Mountain Home, AR.Posted: July 17th, 2012 12:07PM
Dentist: Larry GouldType: general
went in to have all teeth pulled and full dentures, he talked me into partials. glad he did, it took almost a year mostly because he had personal problems. I am not 100% happy with the look of my teeth but I can eat with them and they are comfortable. he pulled 9 teeth, did a root canal and crown on one and two partials, not a bad deal price wise, looks, they look nothing like my real teeth, the bite is a little off.
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Becareful with Dentist
Amount: $5.00 total
Posted by: Kite67 in Queens, NY.Posted: July 11th, 2012 08:07PM
Dentist: dont remember his name,Type:
I went to a dentist in Queens New york in the 1990, this guy put crown on my teeth when i dont needed, that cause me periodontics diseases and now i have to get denture, just because this guy wants to get pay. now i am so scare i need denture.
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Full Set with insurance
Amount: $5,000.00 total
Posted by: SSunny in DeRidder, LA.Posted: May 8th, 2012 02:05PM
Dentist: Dental PlusType: Preimum
I love the dentist and the staff at this dental office. My teeth look great and fit awesome. I never know they are even in my mouth.
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Lower partial, 4 teeth extraction and cleaning
Amount: $1,150.00 total
Posted by: RugerPSeries in north las vegas, NV.Posted: May 4th, 2012 05:05PM
Dentist: Absolute DentalType:
I've been fighting gum disease for the last 6 years but it really ends up losing teeth and since I'm not ready for a full set of dentures I opted for a lower partial and will continue the battle as long as I can afford it. It sucks but... that's life! I'm 38 right now I'll probably be ready to wear full set of dentures when I'm 45. God help me! Absolute dental has the best staff and dentist to help anyone's dental needs. Highly recommended!
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I don't have money for dentures.
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: [email protected] in OCALA, FL.Posted: March 9th, 2012 05:03PM
I wish I had the money for dentures. Aspen and Affordable say only hundreds of dollars, but it cost thousands. I live in the USA and now have to worry about dying from some brain infection because dental care is never included in regular insurance. Sad, and I am not the only one. The ADA is not helping people get the care they need and the colleges are worthless.
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Great Service and product
Amount: $2,000.00 total
Posted by: tlg in Winchester, VA.Posted: February 22nd, 2012 01:02PM
Dentist: Affiorable DenturesType: Preimum
Went and had all my upper teeth removed and most of the bottom. Great service
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Full set
Amount: $2,000.00 total
Posted by: robert moore in tyler, TX.Posted: September 7th, 2011 04:09PM
Dentist: Affordable DentistType: Prieium
This was my second top plate and had to have all teeth pulled for bottom plate. They charge you upfront for all services done. Includes two sets of dentures a temp for few months and a permanat to be picked up after healing. I broke my bottom plate a few months after i got them they repaired it free. Then in a few more months when the repair failed they recast it again, also for free. I have had the set for a few years now about time for a refit wear well never had any problems. I have heard a lot of people complain about the lower quality sets but i went with the top they offer.
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Full Set of Dentures
Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: HappyGirl in Cedar Hill, TX.Posted: July 8th, 2011 06:07PM
Dentist: Monarch DentalType: Dentures
I just got a set of dentures upper and bottom 2 weeks ago from Monarch dental. So, far everything is going fine just can't wait until I'm completely healed. But, I received temporary dentures and in 6 months I will receive my permanent dentures. I had a choice of what type of teeth and color, and my goodness they look GOOD! nobody can tell they are dentures. Yes, I would have rather got implants but couldn't afford them...but so far I have no problems and love my new look!
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Upper dentures
Amount: $3,600.00 total
Posted by: Deborah Clark in Mishawaka, IN.Posted: June 17th, 2011 02:06PM
Dentist: ALLCAREType: Upper denture
This co. was new in our area and because of my diabetes my upper teeth had become rapidly infected and I was told I'd have to get them all extracted, and get temporary dentures till swelling went down so I could have the final set; everything looked good, but in reality, I sat in their office 3 and sometimes 4 hrs. Waiting for whatever with only 1 dentist between 4 patients, and I must have had 3-4 different dentists while I was there cause it appeared there was a big turn around in the entire office over and over, so I couldn't get to know anybody; for the final set, the last dentist I saw quickly started shaving away at the acrylic rapidly without being aware that she was not making them to fit for me at all because she had wiggled them down far too much, so they always get stuff down inside wherever she shaved it too low, it makes it so uncomfortable; not only that this dentist kept on manhandling my mouth and ripping the delicate tissue that bled. I never returned, they closed.
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Seriously people pay like $40,000?
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Henry Dunnigan in Manford, CT.Posted: March 12th, 2011 10:03PM
That is crazy, I'm only 20, but messed up my top teeth and my bottom ones are rediculously crooked. I've been thinking about getting dentures for a while, and know a few people that have gotten them. With insurance they all payed less than $10,000 for their dentures, one was free, but cheaper quality. You people paying like $40,000 are getting robbed, either you have no insurance, which is INSANE considering you could get insurance and just pay a monthly fee to save thousands. OR your dentist are literally robbing you, and someone stealing $40,000 from someone who is most likely elderly deserves a lot more than just going to jail, shame on you... if someone I knew got robbed like that, especially my grandparents, I don't know what I'd do. IF YOUR DENTIST SAYS IT'S SOMETHING RIDICULOUS LIKE THAT, CALL AROUND AND SEE ABOUT OTHERS, USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE. MY LAST DENTIST CHARGED NEARLY FOUR TIMES MORE TO JUST CLEAN MY TEETH THAN THE LAST, THAT'S WHY I CHANGED!!
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Molar repair
Amount: $240.00 total
Posted by: D.N.Sanders in Tarpon Springs, FL.Posted: March 11th, 2011 04:03PM
Dentist: Dr. Hayden AllenType: DDS
I, went to Coast dental in St Petersburg, Fl to get My bottom rear molar filled. The Dr. there told me I would need to have a root canal and bone repair done at apprx. 1700.00 plus.Being poor I,sought another opinion,going to Dr. Allen,of Tarpon Springs,Fl.He filled My tooth for 240.00,three surfaces and I have had no problems since 2003.Be careful about Dentist as they are similar to used car salesmen.
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Amount: $40,000.00 total
Posted by: S. McGinnis in Atlanta, GA.Posted: October 7th, 2010 05:10PM
Dentist: Fryer & LowdenType: Surgeon & Prosthodontist
The entire ORDEAL took 16 months from total mouth extractions via 8 implants to hold dentures in place at total cost of $40,000.. I would NEVER do it again. The pain & suffering was unbelievable. (I am a 67 year old diabetic.) God help anyone who has to go through it!
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upper denture
Amount: $1,100.00 total
Posted by: a user in modesto, CA.Posted: September 11th, 2010 08:09AM
Dentist: Dr WynnType: upper denture
needed an upper denture had 5 teeth pulled i have no root so my teeth came out easy didn't need a surgeon to pull them.i selected a child impression have a small mouth and small teeth and made them as white as they had they are beautiful but i have a gag reflex they are going to trim the upper part and make it shorter hope it works because i hate gaging on them other than that they are fine.I wish they could made a pair that just fit around the gum area and can be held by paste then i could wear the full denture when i eat and switch it out
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dentists in general
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Bob Tooth in vienna, VA.Posted: September 7th, 2010 02:09PM
Dentist: general dentistsType: all
Teeth should be included in health insurance. The ADA has some big lobbying to keep it from becoming so. Since when are your teeth, jawbone, etc. not part of your body? They can also lead to other physical/psycological issues. If they were not a part of your overall physical self, why are you born with them. Total scam on the Amerikan public!
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Amount: $4,000.00 total
Posted by: BRENDA SMILE in GREENSBURG, IN.Posted: March 16th, 2010 10:03AM
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Love the Look of My Dentures
Amount: $12,000.00 total
Posted by: Elizabeth Browning in Camarillo, CA.Posted: February 20th, 2010 09:02PM
Dentist: Leopold Weinstein,DDSType: Dentures
I had dentures for twenty years and the fit poorly and were loose. Plus they looked like shit! I wanted something better. I heard Dr. Leo on the radio and made a consultation appointment. He examined me and we talked. He said I had very little bone to hold the dentures and recommended implants to hold the dentures in. But I have this thing about implants and said I just wanted the dentures. He told me he would do his best but could not guarantee that they would fit any better than my last set. What he did say was he could make them look great. In fact we had a chuckle about this as he showed me pictures of other dentures he had made. Well, long story made short, I had them made. It took quite some time as he is meticulous. When I got to take them home they were great. Not only did my teeth look stunning but, they actually fit better. While they were being made my family and friends thought I'd lost my mind spending 12K for dentures but it was well worth it. I can finally be out in social circles without being self-aware, worrying how my smile looks or if my upper was going to slip out.
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this podunk town w/ podunk Medicaid
Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: he nearly tore my face off! in Humble,, TX.Posted: January 4th, 2010 11:01AM
Dentist: Dr. Better Be Glad I Forgot Your Name!Type: 4 root canals
Ok i'm a 20 year old woman, but i'm still young.. i come from a family that have nice-LOOKING teeth, but the x rays are REPULSING! well i had a cavity that built itself up from the inside out in my jaw teeth. i didn't understand it at first, because i didn't feel it. but sooner if not later, i noticed my breath would NOT stay fresh for ANYTHING! i mean, it got so bad, that it started interfering with my life... my friends would turn away as i said "hi" but try their hardest to hide the disgust at the smell, bless them. my BOYFRIEND wouldn't kiss me because it was so bad, i'm surprised he hugged me... whereas family, they hugged me till they started saying "i'll pass on hugs this time". i got 4 ROOT CANALS! this dentist manhandled my face! he put bruises n my cheeks, and i never got any sleep because i was up all night crying and taking pain medicantions for splitting migranes from sore exposed nerves from crowns that fell out right as i walked out the door. Castle Dental is a joke! Sadist doctors!
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Just go and get it done
Amount: $35,000.00 total
Posted by: Bucky in Bloomington, MN.Posted: December 2nd, 2009 05:12PM
Dentist: Dr ClayType: upper lower
Was referred by dentist at age 45. Teeth were falling out of course 1 by 1. When the first front tooth was loose I decided for full dentures. First set cost me an arm and a leg, charged everything, $18,000, at 45 I wanted a smile. Had pay for pulling of the teeth, shaving the jaw bone for smoothness, and of course the dentures itselve, $12,500. But within a month I was getting use to them and with some pepisdent they were hardly ever loose. But jaw changes during the first year and had to have new dentures again costing me $16,500. Again the dentures fit real good. I'm managing the bills for now but my son starts college and at 53 I need new dentures again and will have to find a cheaper denture. But you know I would make that same decision again about having dentures. Get it done don't let your teeth fall out one a time.
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Nobody Cares at ALLCARE
Amount: $1,400.00 total
Posted by: Philip Hammond in Knoxville, TN.Posted: October 31st, 2009 12:10PM
Dentist: Type: upper dentures
I had a toothache and went to allcare to extract it and replace it. They did not care about my pain. All they care about is how much money can they get from me. They have alveo on the extracted tooth for $109 even though the whole jar is $45. ALLCARE is a ripoff. They don't deserve to be called dentists. They are businees scam.
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denture relign
Amount: $0.00 total
Posted by: Diane Orth in roseburg, OR.Posted: October 19th, 2009 09:10AM
Dentist: LawsonType: upper plate
My denture was made in 2003, the upper left side hurt, and they were somewhat loose, but looked great, better than my original!, they look horrible now, crooked, all gum showing, fit terrible, they are awful, everyone agrees with me. I had to try them on in the restroom with no mirror, they told me to view them in the waiting room, with patients looking on.
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Uncomfortable & Self-Conscious
Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: Stressed out in Deptford, NJ.Posted: August 19th, 2009 09:08AM
Dentist: Type: Partial Dentures
I'm 27 years old now and had this work done about 5 years ago. I had about 9 teeth pulled, which I know I can't blame any dentist for. It's pretty genetic-my Mom had the same problem at a young age. However, he also recommended pulling a tooth that had NO infection or need to be pulled except where it was placed. But braces could have fixed this problem...but no now I have an upper partial that I absolutely hate more then anything...I'm so afraid of it falling out-I can barely eat normally. I cut everything up just so I don't have to bite into it. Now I have NO dental insurance and can't afford to just throw thousands of dollars into my mouth.I never got a lower partial which is causing my teeth to gap. It's terrible to even admit, but I've never felt so ugly before in my life. I certainly don't want point fingers or blame anyone. I just wish there was something that could be done that would make me feel better about myself and take away the headaches that this partial causes. I've pushed back my wedding numerous times b/c I don't want to ruin pictures and I just feel very uncomfortable. I often find myself feeling really upset about how I look and feel. Sometimes I try to tell myself to suck it up and that it could be worse. But unfortunatly, it doesn't work. Some may think I'm being vain...but I honestly can't help the way I feel. I lose sleep over it too...I'm constantly worrying that the partial will break/fall out. It's almost ruining my life.
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partail dentures
Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: Paul King in San Jose, CA.Posted: February 6th, 2009 09:02AM
Dentist: Dr ChangType: general
Went to him asked to do whatever to fix teeth . One year later I ended having 10 teeth pulled . Each time one pulled he made a partail plate tooth holding plate in would fall out . I would need new partail this went on 3 times I now have 2 teeth upper and 10 teeth on bottom. I cant eat and he now wants another $5000.00 total $15000.00 for another partail What can I do ?
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Amount: $10,000.00 total
Posted by: Upsetlady in West Lafayette, IN.Posted: January 28th, 2009 09:01AM
Dentist: Donald SwoverlandType: normal
Had to have all my remaining teeth removed, by a surgeon who replaced bone in the hope that I could eventually afford mini implants. The normal dentist, fitted dentures, I stupidly put it on Care Credit, believing that eventually I would be able to get more work done, he kept calling the dentures 2 yrs down the road when I called them they now say that the $10,000 was the price of the dentures, and so I am not entitled to a refund or any more work.
I am left paying off the $10,000 to care credit at 29% interest rate. I am not happy, broke and still experiencing discomfort from these super expensive dentures...|Be very careful..
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