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Anesthesia Cost

How Much Does Anesthesia Cost?

average costWith Health Insurance: 10%-50% Coinsurancehigh costWithout Health Insurance: $500-$3,500+
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  Typical costs:
  • Anesthesia typically is covered by health insurance for medically necessary procedures. For patients covered by health insurance, out-of-pocket costs for anesthesia can consist of coinsurance of about 10% to 50%.
  • For patients without health insurance, the cost of anesthesia can range from less than $500 for a local anesthetic administered in an office setting to $500-$3,500 or more for regional anesthesia and/or general anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist and/or certified registered nurse anesthetist in a hospital operating room.
  • Total anesthesia costs typically include: the anesthesia provider fee and the hospital anesthesia fee, which covers the cost of supplies, equipment, medications and hospital staff used for anesthesia. General anesthesia costs typically are calculated based on a base unit value assigned to the procedure based on its complexity (for example, an appendectomy is six base units and coronary bypass surgery is 20) added to the number of 15-minute time units the provider spends and multiplied by the provider's charge per unit. A 2010 survey by the American Society of Anesthesiologists showed a median of about $60 to $64 per unit. So, an anesthesiologist might bill $600 for an appendectomy that takes an hour, or bill $2,500 or more for heart surgery that takes six hours.
  • Hospital anesthesia charges typically depend on the complexity of the procedure. For example, at Akron General[1] in Ohio, the typical hospital anesthesia charge is about $200-$1,050, depending on the surgery.[2] lists approximate anesthesia costs for a variety of procedures: $469 for a leg fracture surgery, $582 for hernia repair, $619 for a tonsillectomy, $1,243 for a total hysterectomy without cancer, $1,159 for spinal fusion surgery and $2,495 for coronary bypass grafting.
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What should be included:
  • For local anesthesia, the provider will inject a local anesthetic into a specific area of the body to numb that area by preventing the nerves form sending pain signals. Lidocaine is an example of a commonly used local anesthetic.
  • For regional anesthesia, the provider will inject the anesthetic near a cluster of nerves. Typically, the patient can either remain fully aware or be given a sedative. Spinal blocks, epidural blocks and peripheral nerve blocks -- which can numb a leg, arm or the head -- are all types of regional anesthesia. Regional anesthesia can be used alone during surgery, in combination with general anesthesia during surgery or after surgery for pain control. The American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine[3] has information on regional anesthesia.
  • For general anesthesia, the provider typically will administer the anesthetic as a gas through a mask and/or intravenously. The anesthetic makes the patient unconscious and unable to feel pain. An anesthesia care provider will monitor the patient's heart, lung and kidney function and temperature and will adjust medications if needed. A reversal agent may be administered after surgery to help the patient wake up. WebMD offers an overview[4] of what happens before, during and after anesthesia.
  • Many doctors and hospitals give discounts of up to 30% or more to uninsured or cash-paying patients. For example, Washington Hospital Healthcare System[5] in California offers a 35% discount.
  • A 2010 study by The Lewin group, a healthcare consulting firm, showed that the total anesthesia cost is about 25% less if a certified registered nurse anesthetist, rather than an anesthesiologist, is the sole anesthesia provider. The American Society of Anesthesiologists offers information about anesthesiologists[6] , and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists offers information about nurse anesthetists. Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) can perform all types of anesthesia, and 16 states have chosen to opt out of a federal law that requires physician supervision of a nurse anesthetist; in other states, the surgeon sometimes acts as the supervising physician.
Shopping for anesthesia:
  • The surgeon typically will choose an anesthesiologist for the surgery, but the patient can discuss the choice of anesthesiologist with the surgeon ahead of time. The anesthesiologist should be certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology[7] . In some cases, a registered nurse anesthetist will provide or help with anesthesia care.
  • The American Society of Anesthesiologists[8] recommends that patients ask their anesthesiologist: what qualifications he or she has, how many similar procedures he or she has done; who else might be involved in the patient's anesthesia care; if the anesthesiologist will monitor heart, breathing or anything else; where recovery will take place; whether there will be an anesthesiologist on duty in the recovery room; and who will manage pain control after surgery.
  • The American Society of Anesthesiologists[9] offers an FAQ about anesthesia.
  • The National Institutes of Health offers a tutorial[10] on how to minimize the risks of anesthesia.
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
post E-mail post Post   Comments (30)
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Anesthesia for Bilateral Varicocelectomy
Amount: $2,000.00
Posted by: Wilfredo76 in Sommerset, NJ.Posted: January 6th, 2018 04:01PM
Procedure: Bilateral VaricocelectomyProvider: Crescent Urological Care
It takes 5hours in the surgery room before I come out said my wife. And when the bill comes from anesthesiologist, it costs me $3800 way over to the cost of surgery which is $2000. I feel so overwhelmed or its just I have no idea of the costing of anesthesia. Is the cost computed as per hour?
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I do the billing reviews for Anesth & Surg
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Concerned & I want to make a difference. in Usa, FL.Posted: October 28th, 2017 09:10AM
Procedure: I'm blown awayProvider: I see many mistakes
Always ask for a break down and question every charge.
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Anesthesia for Laparoscopy
Amount: $2,346.00
Posted by: Shelly J. in Fort Wayne, IN.Posted: July 12th, 2017 11:07AM
Procedure: Endometriosis Removal, HSGProvider: Dupont Hospital
$2346 for an intensive three hour procedure done to diagnose and remove endometriosis from uterus and removal of cysts from ovaries, also did an HSG. I think the charge is reasonable - I'm upset about the "reasonable and customary" rate for anesthesia, which is apparently only $648, and that is a rate set by the government for anesthesia in that region (this is what my insurance company told me). How can they set one (very low) rate, when people have different length surgeries? So with this "usual and customary" rate of $648 covered, I'm left with a bill of $1697.
Sure, if my surgery was simple and 1 hour, it might have cost closer to $650. But it was much longer and required 3 hours of anesthesia, of course that would cost more. It just doesn't seem right. Doesn't seem to be much I can do about it, but I'm not happy about it.
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Do I need 2
Amount: $1,800.00
Posted by: charlie James in houston, TX.Posted: May 31st, 2017 09:05AM
Procedure: HisterocopyProvider: Texan Anesthesia Assoc PLLC
Bill split in two. One for Physician for 1500.00. The 2nd bill is for a CRNA for 1380.00. The physician came said hi,talked to the nurse about 3 to 5 min and left The nurse administered the drugs. I called TAA and was told by law, this was the way it was now. I call it medical fraud to pay a physician this much for less than 10 min of time.
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Plantar Wart Removal, In-Office Conscious Sedation
Amount: $1,575.00
Posted by: Amy P. in McKinney, Texas in McKinney, TX.Posted: May 15th, 2017 09:05AM
Procedure: Conscious SedationProvider: Monica Ata, DO Stratus Anesthesia
I was scheduled for an in-office plantar wart removal under conscious sedation and was billed $1575. Anesthesiologist Monica Ata began evaluation 10:45 am; procedure began 1100 am, procedure completed 1128, anesthesia over 1132. She didn't have needed supplies and had to call an associate. She attempted PIV x2 without success and associate obtained IV. Procedure was delayed due to her lack of preparation and she billed me for 47 minutes ($1575 from Stratus Anesthesia Group). This cost seems unreasonable. My son had General Anesthesia in hospital with procedure to place pins in a fracture and cost was under $1000. She had me on EKG monitoring/pulse ox during procedure but I had to correct the placement of the EKG leads as they were not placed to display an appropriate waveform. As a nurse, I had to help her "figure out" how to administer the medication as she did not have the appropriate equipment in her travel bag. Propofol only medication administered.
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insane (criminal) charges Lakewood Ranch Anesthesia
Amount: $17,100.00
Posted by: Elihu2 in bradenton, FL.Posted: March 16th, 2017 05:03PM
Procedure: retina reattachmentProvider: Lakewood Ranch Anesthesia
3 hours of surgery, no overnight stay. how come I needed two anesthesia doctors. and how could anyone charge over 17K for 3 hours.
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Questionalbe charges on Anesthesia billing
Amount: $972.55
Posted by: Steve Lipsi, Elmhurst, IL in Oak Brook Terrace, IL.Posted: January 31st, 2017 05:01AM
Procedure: Upper GIProvider: Mobile Anesthesiologist
The bill is actually four pages long, the above items are the questionable charges that are missing cpt codes. The procedure was a simple 15 minute upper GI. The patient is in good health, the procedure was scheduled and performed in a Gastroenterology facility remote from a hospital.
Dantrolene Sodium 20mg $38.75 (missing code)
Anesthesia tray $250.00 (missing code)
Canister, Nondisposable, used with suction $16.00 (missing code)
Portable Oxygen Cylinder $32.00 (missing code)
Suction Machine $32.00 (missing code)
Oxygen $69.15 (missing code)
IV Pole $9.00 (missing code)
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Amount: $2,500.00
Posted by: TheGander in Parsons, KS.Posted: November 18th, 2016 01:11PM
Procedure: Laparoscopic HysterectomyProvider: Clinical Colleagues
We are uninsured wife needed operation. We asked and received Charity Care. Gave 5-Star for Hospital and Staff for care/Services. Cost across America NOT set- ask for Discount always.
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Detached retina
Amount: $2,400.00
Posted by: Karenxxxx in Panama City, FL.Posted: September 10th, 2016 06:09AM
Procedure: retina detach w/ gen anesthesiaProvider: Dr, Charles Shapard, anesthesiologistt
Had retina surgery Sept 2015 and General Anesthesia was billed by Sheridan Corp using code for Retina surgery. Is this even legal? Tried to fight it, They would not correct it, so I paid the Anesthesia Dr the same $$ as the Retina Surgeon. Feels like fraud to me. Husband had hernia op and nurse anesthetist was 650.00. His op was 1hr 1/2. Mine 1hr 3/4 time? He was in out patient center I was outpatient hospital.
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Lidocaine received through a shot in my thumb
Amount: $2,154.48
Posted by: Amazed Patient. in Loveland, CO.Posted: June 15th, 2016 10:06AM
Procedure: Pin placed in broken thumbProvider: Medical Center of the Rockies
Got a shot in my thumb to numb the area before the pin could be inserted.
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Anesthesia for Baldder Stim Implant
Amount: $4,466.00
Posted by: Gallma in Fort Worth, TX.Posted: May 25th, 2016 09:05AM
Procedure: Bladder Stim ImplantProvider: NorthStar Anesthesia
I was charged for the doctor to administer the injection ($2,240.00) and separately for the CRNA to monitor me during the procedure ($2,226.00). for a total of $4,446.00 for a one hour surgery. The surgeon charged me less. And this does not include the hospital costs. Outrageous!!! I will never use them again!!!
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Routine Endoscopy
Amount: $6,000.00
Posted by: 50yo NOVA patient in Chantilly, VA.Posted: May 15th, 2016 09:05AM
I am getting a bill from an anesthesiologist provider for a routine endoscopy I had in my gastro's office which are two charges totalling $6,000. Why the hell is that cost 4 times as much as the charge for my gastro who performed the procedure? And why are there 2 charges? THere was nothing unusual or lengthy about this procedure which showed nothing more than GERD. It could not have taken longer than 2 hours, including pre and post procedure. I have received direct insurance reimbursement up to $973 that I am expected to pay out of pocket.
Something there does not seem right and this is not reasonable.
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Amount: $3,690.00
Posted by: Dara in Morristown, NJ.Posted: April 23rd, 2016 10:04AM
Procedure: 00952Provider: New Jersey Ambulatory Anesthesiologist
So I had a colonoscopy where I paid $0 for anesthesiology services. They accepted whatever the insurance paid. This was not NJ Ambulatory Anesthesiologist Associates!
I had a Hysteroscopy and was billed $1845 from the Anesthesiologist and $1845 from the RN! Because of this my insurance only covered 70% on half of the services so I am responsible for half of the bill which is a little over $1200! I think the cost is ridiculous! My Dr. fees plus surgery cost less than this! Anesthesiologist should not be able to charge whatever they want especially when they are mostly always out of network!
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Anesthesia for Septoplasty Surgery
Amount: $2,508.00
Posted by: a user in Houston, TX.Posted: April 7th, 2016 07:04AM
Procedure: Septoplasty SurgeryProvider:
It was for only one hour, the Provider was selected from the hospital, not in my network, well they are out of their mind if they think I pay that, they need to make sure to be in my network if they want to get paid. I am not rich at all.
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Price Gouging and Hidden Kickbacks
Amount: $750.00
Posted by: Slim Chance in SOUTHLAKE, TX.Posted: March 22nd, 2016 07:03PM
Procedure: 30 MIN. ColonoscopyProvider:
I was charged $750 for anesthesiology. Aetna says avg. price for my procedure is $280 locally. Doctor/hospital refused to provide estimate up front. Doctor/hospital will not allow patient to select anesthesiologist. I am now preparing for cataract surgery and have refused to sign papers until I find out estimate for anesthesia. I am a Libertarian politically, but I think these rackets need to be heavily regulated, because doctors are playing shell games with patients and running up costs and passing around kick backs behind the scenes. It is literally criminal in every sense imaginable.
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Oral Surgery
Amount: $1,725.00
Posted by: K.E. in Colorado Springs, CO.Posted: March 17th, 2016 05:03AM
Procedure: Oral SurgeryProvider: Rota Dental
7 hours IV sedation, no insurance. It was a traveling nurse anesthetist that charged $500 for first 90 minutes and $50 for every 15 minutes after that. Also charged per vial of actual medications, which totaled 5. I thought it was a lot but after seeing everyone else's costs, maybe not? Procedure done in office.
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Anesthesia for upper endoscopy (EGD)
Amount: $3,136.00
Posted by: Random Person in Tamp, FL.Posted: February 29th, 2016 02:02PM
Procedure: Upper EndoscopyProvider: Greater Florida Anesthesiologists
$3100 is a ridiculous amount for a 20 minute procedure, even considering the prep. (We'll say an hour total from the time I sat on the hospital bed, to the time I woke up after the EGD.) This was the total charge, which was split between the anesthesiologist and a nurse. After insurance adjustments, I'm still stuck with a $1154 bill for an uncomplicated upper endoscopy. This was on top of the facility fee and the doctor's charges. I've had EGDs before and never been charged anywhere near this much. I hope I never have to use these folks again, but the American health care system being what it is, I may not have a choice. I'll be calling their offices to see if there was some kind of mistake, because this seems ridiculous for a 20 minute procedure.
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Anesthesia for Child\'s MRI
Amount: $8,810.90
Posted by: Kbrew in Charlotte, NC.Posted: February 8th, 2016 12:02PM
Procedure: MRIProvider: Carolinas Healthcare System
this is the hospital's anesthesia charge not even the charge from the anesthesiologist nor the cost of CRNA. 97 minute MRI for a 5 year old. was more than twice the expense of the MRI itself, and hospital claims their $629/unit cost is correct.
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Inguinal hernia
Amount: $650.00
Posted by: Karen Edwards in Panama City, FL.Posted: December 8th, 2015 07:12AM
Procedure: Simple herniaProvider: Anesthesia Unlimited
This was fair, for the not quite an hour, for this operation in April, 2015 on my husband. What's not fair is the surgery center up charging when they quoted $3,000 for their part. Now they want $1500 more?? Saying it was a bilateral hernia, we had surgeons staff get quotes from all local surgical centers. Do not use Panama City surgery center! The whole amount to date surgeon, anesthesia, & surgical center we paid is almost 6,000. Affordableherniasurgery center in Maryland, single hernia 1900.00 bilateral is 3200. It includes all fees. Center, surgeon, & anesthesia. Now who is overcharging?
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Hernia repair
Amount: $12,800.00
Posted by: Judy Strickland in Gulf Breeze, FL.Posted: September 23rd, 2015 03:09PM
Procedure: Hernia repairProvider: AMS of pensacola, fl
Totally ridiculous for 1 hour and hospital charged me 7,300.00 for the anesthesia. I will never use that group again.
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Amount: $1,380.00
Posted by: John Godiska in Allentown, PA.Posted: July 23rd, 2015 09:07AM
Procedure: Knee ReplacementProvider: BC/BS
For a 45 minute operation, the anesthesiologist charged 700 dollars. Aside from that, they charged an extra 680 dollars for the nurse. ( just to make the difference be unnoticed.) When I checked, I was told that anesthesiologist charges to mix the potion, and charges for a nurse to administer it. ( While he is paying the nurse 45 bucks to do it. )Total rip off of the system.They should be put in a stockade, and rotten tomatoes thrown at them.
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Monitored anesthesia care (diprivan)
Amount: $1,200.00
Posted by: Wilt in Houston, TX.Posted: February 26th, 2015 01:02PM
Procedure: Sacroiliac joint steroid injectionsProvider: R&R anesthesia group
They put me to sleep with diprivan, for like a 20 minute procedure. Cigna would only pay $120.00
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TURP surgery
Amount: $78,000.00
Posted by: NUTS in OCALA, FL.Posted: January 16th, 2015 05:01PM
Procedure: TURPProvider:
78,000 total bill uninsured so they give me 27,000 off leaving me a 50,000 bill including 33,000 for anastesia absolutly insane
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Amount: $928.00
Posted by: [email protected] in New York, NY.Posted: November 12th, 2014 03:11PM
Procedure: Non complicated tonsillectomyProvider: Cigna
Out patient surgery. The surgeon got paid $140 and the anesthesiologist billed for 1350. After insurance I was billed $928 for 30 minuets of general anesthesia. The hospital and both doctors were in network. I'm a nurse and have midrange insurance (I'm 29) and found this outrageous. I called to discuss this with Cigna and they said they have no way of changing the anesthesiologists billing because it's difficult to say what each patient needs. Meanwhile the surgeon bills 5000 and gets 140???! I'll be calling the anethsiologist tomorrow to discuss his billing methods.
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reasonable charge?
Amount: $3,300.00
Posted by: ROBERT STEVENSON in Houston, TX.Posted: August 5th, 2014 03:08PM
Procedure: hip pinningProvider: anesthesiologist
41 minutes in operating room. Surgeon's charge $800. Anesthesiologist charged $3,300. Is this normal or reasonable?
Patient has no insurance. Too rich for Medicaid, too poor for Obamacare.
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Left Shoulder Dislocation
Amount: $7,000.00
Posted by: Rockn17 in Jourdonton, TX.Posted: July 23rd, 2014 07:07AM
Procedure: Shoulder relocationProvider: South Texas Medical
Total cost was a little above $7,000.
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prostate cancer
Amount: $5,100.00
Posted by: tony earnst in cookeville, TN.Posted: February 6th, 2014 03:02PM
Procedure: robiotic radical prostectomyProvider: cookeville reginal medical center
$3600 for the hospital included the equipment and drug for general anesthesia. $2080 for the anesthesiologist. Very overpriced.
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Doctor\'s office in-network procedure
Amount: $600.00
Posted by: a user in League City, TX.Posted: January 15th, 2014 11:01AM
Procedure: hysteroscopyProvider: Cigna
I recently had a simple hysteroscopy done by an in-network doc in her office. Anesthesia was performed by a traveling service in her office. Because this service was "out of network" and not a part of the "doctor's office" which was in-network, the EOB was $6400!!!! Heck, I didn't have open heart surgery...I'm an RN and I was "out" for 15 minutes! The final bill came oh, with discounts, $600.00 which I'll pay at a monthly rate of $1.00 for 600 months! Shame on them!!!!!! Here is a good reason why our healthcare costs are skyrocketing!!!!!
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Anesthesia for Hip RFeplacement
Amount: $1,900.00
Posted by: Tim Smith in York, PA.Posted: December 12th, 2013 10:12AM
Procedure: Total Hip ReplacementProvider: Depoe, Craig
Thsi fee of $1,900 was for the MD plus a helper, probably a Nurse Anesthetist. This fee was totally separate from the hospital fee. My insurance paid only 25% so I "took one to the shorts," so to speak.
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Detach Retina
Amount: $2,500.00
Posted by: a user in Naples, FL.Posted: September 21st, 2012 11:09AM
Procedure: Restore RetinaProvider: GULF-TO-BAY ANESTHESIOLOGY
I think it is a LOT of money and it is a hard ship.rnOn the other hand your eye's are worth all the money in the world.
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