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Dental Bone Graft Cost

How Much Does a Dental Bone Graft Cost?

average costSimple Graft: $200-$1,200high costComplex Graft Using Patient's Own Bone: $2,000-$3,000+
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Bone needs stimulation to remain healthy. When a tooth is missing, the supporting "bridge" bone that once surrounded the tooth will deteriorate as it is slowly absorbed by the body. Because dental implants fuse to bone they must have sufficient bone to hold them in place. A bone graft (also called regenerative surgery) may be needed to reinforce the jawbone before implant surgery.

Typical costs:

  • A simple graft using sterilized bone from cadavers or cows or synthetic bone can cost $200-$1,200 for a single implant area.
  • A bone graft using the patient's own bone (typically from the chin, back of the lower jaw, hip or shin) will mean two surgical sites on the patient's body and generally requires hospitalization, an orthopedic surgeon and an anesthesiologist. This typically costs $2,000-$3,000 or more.
  • If needed as part of a dental implant, the cost of a bone graft is generally included in the quoted price for the implant. Dental insurance typically does not cover the cost of implants, but may pay some of the cost of a bone graft if it is deemed to be medically necessary. If the bone loss was caused by accident, injury or a non-dental medical condition, the bone graft will typically be covered by a general health insurance policy. And if the patient's ability to eat is severely compromised by the bone loss and cannot be fixed by other options like dentures, both dental and general health insurance policies may cover the grafting costs.
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What should be included:
  • For a simple bone graft a periodontist (gum specialist) or an oral surgeon will typically numb the area (sedation can be used but isn't common); separate the gums from the teeth to reach the roots and bone; thoroughly clean the area; fill the holes in the bone with the grafting material; and then cover the graft with a physical barrier. A California dental group illustrates the bone grafting process[1] .
  • To allow time for healing and regrowth, a bone graft is typically done three to six months before dental implant surgery. However, depending on the extent of the problem and the healing process, it can be up to a year or more before the jawbone is ready for implant surgery. The Mayo Clinic describes bone grafting[2] as part of the dental implant process.
Additional costs:
  • Panoramic or full-mouth X-Rays ($60-$250) will be required before the grafting procedure, or possibly a CT scan ($250-$1,000 or more). Ask if these are included in the quoted price, or if there will be any additional fees for these or any other services.
  • The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research lists tips for finding low-cost dental care[3] .
  • Dental school clinics[4] offer reduced rates for services by supervised students or faculty.
Shopping for a dental bone graft:
  • If the patient has dental insurance, the insurance company will provide a list of approved dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons. Or, search for local members of the American Dental Association[5] , the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry[6] , the American Academy of Periodontology[7] or the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons[8] .
  • WedMD lists factors to consider when choosing a dentist[9] .
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Bone graft injection
Amount: $7,700.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Gala Dali in New York, NY.Posted: August 27th, 2014 01:08PM
Type of Graft: To secure implantDentist/Periodontist: Dr. B. Ghalili
The dentist said I needed 7cc's of bone @ $1100 per cc. Is this a reasonable amount? This was to secure an implant the was infected.
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Dental bone Graf
Amount: $1,139.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Mrs. Tim Busch in Indianapolis, IN.Posted: May 6th, 2014 08:05AM
Type of Graft: Injected cadaver bone GrafDentist/Periodontist: Dentist
My husband was traveling, had issues with a tooth. He got prices on the extraction of the bad tooth, preping for implant & the implant. They wanted a deposit up front even though he was filling out the necessary paperwork for a Care Credit loan.(First alarm!!) After a week of antibiotics, he went back for follow up & to get bad tooth extracted. At the appointment they had an estimated charge for everything which was very high-$12,000 for 2 teeth. He called me & we decided to wait & get another estimate. He told them that he only wanted to get tooth extracted-a charge of $287.00. During extraction, the dentist told him the tooth next to extracted one needed a bone Graf or it would do the same as one being extracted. He explained there was space around tooth root & it would become loose & require extraction. This had not been discussed prior to the extraction. Was this price $1139.00 plus the charge of $287.00 for extraction too high? If so, what is a typical charge for the bone Graf?
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Is my pricing high?
Amount: $1,400.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: a user in Pittsburgh, PA.Posted: March 6th, 2014 03:03PM
Just saw the dentist today. Informed I am in need of two extractions and two bone graphs. My insurance does not cover bone grafts. Is $700 each a good price, or should I look to another opinion?
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bone grafts and implants
Amount: $3,000.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Jan P. in Madison, WI.Posted: February 22nd, 2014 09:02AM
Type of Graft: bovineDentist/Periodontist: maxillofacial surgeon
I'm an older woman who has had several bone graft/implant procedures over a 20year period. The implants were all molars. This procedure is superior to bridges and other dental appliances if one has resources to pay for it. The implants feel like one's natural teeth. I figure the overall cost at $3000 per implant including graft and x rays. I would do it again with no hesitation.
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Bone grafting and implants
Amount: $8,000.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Kirk Short in Los Algodones, AZ.Posted: January 17th, 2014 03:01PM
Type of Graft: lower molarDentist/Periodontist: Marcela Ibarra
I had implants come out after many years. Truckee oral surgeon, Dan Martin, cleaned out the infection at cost of more than $500. For cost of bone material ($32) could have grafted before suturing but wanted full bone grafting code paid in advance (even though 99% of work was already done). I didn't have the money (real estate sales, no income) so he closed the hollow defect to fill with interstitial tissue. I had to graft again before implants could be installed. Separate surgery, long term healing. CIRO Dental Clinic in Los Algodones, Mx, did 4 root canals, 2 extractions, 4 bridges and 2 crowns, plus graft and 3 implants with 5 unit bridge for about $8,000.
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Dental Bone Graft
Amount: $9,800.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Truly in shock - in Lexington, KY.Posted: November 18th, 2013 11:11PM
Type of Graft: entire top jaw lineDentist/Periodontist:
I am in pure shock at what I am experiencing. I'm 39 and have next to NO bone in upper jaw line. This means that a denture will not hold either because gum line is receding as well. I don't find this to be dental I find this to be medical however insurance does NOT agree with this. Even if it means having to leave my current job as a GM and have to go into a field of work to where I don't have to talk - a lesser paying career. Insurance won't pay for bone graft / hospital stay / anesthesiologist - nothing. There was an infection pocket found under sinus cap area / I'm osteoperosian . . .so in total I'm looking at an out of pocket bill for about $20,000.00+ this will financially destroy us . . .I just don't understand!
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Amount: $2,475.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: sumjoy in Vernon Hills, IL.Posted: October 7th, 2013 10:10AM
Type of Graft: boneDentist/Periodontist: dentist
I had an estimate for implants in July 2013. I have AmeriPlan, which negotiates discounted rates with dentists, chiropractors, prescriptions, etc. for only $15 per month. It is not insurance, they just negotiate the same rates the insurance company would have received on behalf of the consumer. I was told $2,475 per tooth which included the bone graft, implant and crown.
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Bone craft
Amount: $4,000.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Guillermo May in Erie, PA.Posted: October 5th, 2013 01:10AM
Type of Graft: CadaverDentist/Periodontist: Oral surgeon
Oral surgeon quoted $4000 to do a bone graft from a cadaver for 2 teeth, plus $1800 for each implant so far $7600 plus the 2 crowns $2400 so a total of $10000 for 2 teeth it is robbery because they know they have you I went from crowns to bridge to partial and it is so painful to wear why didn't dentist say to do the implants right away now I have little bone left and require grafting so now I need $20000 to have bone grafts 4 implants 4 crowns
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Dental Bone graft
Amount: $875.00 not covered by insurance
Posted by: Joy is getting a new tooth in Grandville, MI.Posted: August 23rd, 2013 01:08PM
Of course the surgeon gave an estimate of $425-$875, and it was the highest! He said while doing the procedure, he was using one cc of cadaver bone, and at he also mentioned he wasn't using it all and told the assistant to set it aside in case he needed more. It made me curious, wondering how much he would have used to make it the $425! He made it sound like he didn't need to do a lot? Was I just an easy target to overcharge??? In all I paid $2975.00 and that included the implant and cuff. My insurance will cover about $600.00 of that!
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