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Drug or Alcohol Testing Cost

How Much Does Drug or Alcohol Testing Cost?

low costAt-Home Test: $10-$50average costLaboratory Test: $50-$80+high costBlood or Hair Test: $100-$650+
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Drug and alcohol tests typically are used to test saliva, urine, blood or hair for signs of alcohol or drug use. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration[1] , at-home drug tests should be used as preliminary tests only, and results should be confirmed by a laboratory.

Typical costs:

  • Drug and alcohol testing typically costs from less than $10 to $50 or more for an at-home saliva or urine test for alcohol, a single illegal drug or multiple illegal drugs -- or for a hand-held digital breathalyzer tool. For example, Walmart charges $9 for a five-pack of saliva test strips for alcohol. Walgreens charges $10 for an At Home Drug Test urine test for marijuana. charges $28 for the At Home Drug Test, which tests urine for six types of illegal drugs and offers the option to mail the test to a laboratory for confirmation of preliminary results. charges $38 for the First Check Home 12 Drug test, which checks urine for seven types of illegal drugs and five types of prescription drugs and also offers mail-in verification. Walmart charges $39-$53, depending on brand, for a digital breath monitor for alcohol.
  • Drug or alcohol testing typically costs $50-$80 or more for a drug and alcohol urine or saliva test performed at a laboratory. For example, Any Lab Test Now[2] charges $49 for a 10-drug urine laboratory test and $69 for a five-drug saliva laboratory test. Health Testing Centers[3] charges $69 for a laboratory urine test for nine types of illegal drugs and $79 for a laboratory test for nine types of illegal drugs plus alcohol.
  • Drug and alcohol testing typically costs under $100-$650 or more for a blood test or hair test. For example,[4] charges about $85 for a blood test for marijuana or cocaine and $200 for a seven-drug blood test. And Any Lab Test Now[5] charges $189 for a five-drug hair follicle test that checks for use in the past 90 days, $229 for a blood alcohol level laboratory blood test and $650 for a hair test to check for a history of alcohol abuse in the past six months.
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What should be included:
  • Depending on the type of test being used, a sample of urine, saliva, blood or hair is collected. It is then tested for the presence of a type of drug, or its metabolites, which are substances the body changes the drug into as it is being processed by the liver. If preliminary results come back positive, either at home or in the laboratory, a second laboratory test is required for confirmation. This test can determine exactly which drug is present.
  •, which is produced by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, offers information on drug testing[6] .
  • A digital breathalyzer uses an alcohol gas sensor to measure the amount of alcohol in the breath, and typically can detect even very low levels.
Additional costs:
  • Individuals with serious alcohol or drug problems might choose to go to rehab, which typically costs less than $5,000 for an outpatient program or $6,000-$50,000 for a 30-, 60- or 90-day stay in a residential or inpatient treatment facility.
  • Some laboratories offer periodic specials. For example,[7] in Texas has offered a $10 off online coupon for any test that costs $49 or more.
Shopping for drug or alcohol testing:
  • At-home drug and alcohol tests are sold at most drug stores, as well as at websites such as, CVS and Walgreens.
  • Companies such as LabCorp[8] , Quest Diagnostics[9] and Health Testing Centers[10] offer drug and alcohol testing direct to patients. Laboratories are regulated by the federal government through the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)[11] , which sets quality standards -- and some states also have their own requirements., an informational website produced by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, offers information on laboratory oversight[12] as well advice for consumers on how to choose a high quality laboratory[13] .
  • It is important to note that different types of drug tests have different windows of detection, as well as other pros and cons. The AAIM, an association for employers, offers a comparison of different types of drug tests.
Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always consult your physician or pharmacist regarding medications or medical procedures.
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Drug Testing on teen
Amount: $700.00
Posted by: V Petersen in Dallas, TX.Posted: August 11th, 2015 02:08PM
Type of Test: UrineBrand/Laboratory: Quest Diagnostics
This test was done in our Dr.'s office and sent through their lab. Our Ins. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Paid $Zero.... They classified it as "Mental Health (which we dont have coverage for), and they discounted it ZERO. We had no earthly idea that this test was so outrageously high. When we called Quest they said that's the cost...When we asked what BCBSTX pays they refused to answer. When we asked what the average cost Out of Pocket or Cash pay client pays they would not tell us. My husband has had CT Brain Scans with contrast that cost less than this simple urine test for drugs. I will NEVER... EVER use this lab. I will ask prior to ANY Testing Who is the Processor/company is at that Dr's office...If it is Quest...that test is getting done somewhere else and only after I get competitive pricing confirmation first. Our nation is collapsing under the weight of these absolutely unbelievable medical testing and health costs. I am willing to pay for services, this is crazy.
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crooked drug test scheme
Amount: $1,750.00
Posted by: Blue collar hollar in Dallas, TX.Posted: August 11th, 2015 06:08AM
Type of Test: urine analysisBrand/Laboratory: southwest
My Dr Who's in network sent sample to an out of network is only paying $525. Now they want me to pay $1230 for a mandatory drug screen. I work six weeks to bring that home. Have fun opening my son's birthday presents you crooked bastards
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
Expensive urine test
Amount: $15,133.19
Posted by: Kygal in Newport, KY.Posted: July 10th, 2015 11:07AM
Type of Test: Urine testBrand/Laboratory: Soutwest
I been going to a pain clinic and each month my insurance is billed 8,000.00 to 15,000.00 a month for a simple urine test . This is why our insurance is so high . I have been raising heck over this .
Was this post helpful to you?   yes     no Report prohibited or spam
instant urine test
Amount: $3,200.00
Posted by: carlton hilburn in florence, SC.Posted: June 10th, 2015 04:06PM
Type of Test: urineBrand/Laboratory:
Pain management urine test started at $3200 took an automatic discount of 1700 insurance paid 650 and saying I owe $450 for a drug test. Y can they charge this
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Saliva test
Amount: $80.00
Posted by: Dolphin 84 in Milwaukee, WI.Posted: June 4th, 2015 03:06PM
Type of Test: SalivaBrand/Laboratory: In Dr office
My isn covers all my visits and everything else! But does it really cost 80 each visit for a saliva test? Somehow I think that's odd when ins covered everything else!
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Cost urine test
Amount: $5,936.38
Posted by: Celia in Santa Ana, CA.Posted: May 26th, 2015 07:05AM
Type of Test: Test for drugsBrand/Laboratory: Confimatrix
Dr. Office wanted urine for drug tests never saying anything about cost. Is this a mistake? Seems like this can't be right insurance already paid some of it and I am left with balance of $1,460.00. Wasn't told what lab they would be using and left me the impression that they would test at each visit.
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over priced urine test
Amount: $1,067.42
Posted by: a user in Las Vegas, NV.Posted: February 16th, 2015 12:02PM
Type of Test: urineBrand/Laboratory: pacific labs
My Dr. required this test on my first time visit. Is this a violation of my constitutional rights to privacy? Whats next my genes? This is out of control. The price is over the top.
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Lab test cost
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted by: Aspen in Austin, TX.Posted: November 29th, 2014 06:11AM
Type of Test: Listed as laborotoryBrand/Laboratory: Hill country labs Texas
Received bill for $3,000 for a urine drug screen required test prior to RX for pain meds pending surgery, Was never notified of price !!!
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Expensive urine test
Amount: $704.25
Posted by: Josh lewis in Harrisburg, PA.Posted: February 1st, 2013 01:02PM
Type of Test: urine 14 panelBrand/Laboratory: Ameritox
I just recieved a bill from Ameritox from a urine drug test. Im assuming its for 14 different drugs but not sure. The codes on the bill make no sense and 704 $ seems crazy.
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