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Dental Crown Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Dental Crown Comments

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Root Canal and Crown
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted by: Rena in Saratoga Springs, NY.Posted: March 6th, 2010 11:03AM
Which Tooth: Molar #18Type of Crown: Porcelain
The root canal was done in two sessions by an endo. Side effects from Clyndamycin: pseudomembranous colitis. Necessitated doctor's visit, blood tests, stool specimens, and a CAT scan. Health Insurance deductible: $1200. Lost two weeks between session one and session two. Once done, a portion of the tooth broke off. Third visit to endo to determine if a crown still was possible. First visit to dentist for crown impressions: two hours and was told a special impression tray was needed because my cheek membrane interferred with the five impression trays and thus, prevented an accurate impression. Two more visits are scheduled: one with the special impression tray, and the final crown placement.
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Implants & Crowns
Amount: $6,800.00
Posted by: Trinibeens in New York, NY.Posted: March 3rd, 2010 02:03PM
Which Tooth: 4 MolarsType of Crown: porcelain over metal
My periodontist quoted over $5000 for each, including extraction--a grand total of $20K, and then he said I needed a sinus lift for another $3K before he could proceed.

I shopped around and found a dentist that bypassed the sinus lift by using smaller posts, and he quoted me a total of $7185 for all. I then asked him, if instead of his normal 'payment arrangement', if I paid all up front would he discount, and he gave me 10% off, so I only paid $6,800--a real improvement over $23,000!

I'm very happy with the work and haven't had any problems.

You really have to shop around, and stay away from dentists in pricey neighborhoods--they charge whatever the traffic will bear. Shop around and try dental schools. NYU in New York has one that offers lower cost dental work. I didn't use them, I used another. If you're in New York try Contemporary Dental Implants.
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how much dentists reallly pay for your crowns
Amount: $69.00
Posted by: laura schoene in schenectady, NY.Posted: February 24th, 2010 01:02AM
Which Tooth: Type of Crown: porceline
I worked in a dental office billing receiving and assistant..I would do billing after the work day let me tell you how much and don't ever let them tell you different crowns really cost. It is 44 for silver 79 for gold and 110 for white gold this is the total lab cost for the temp and permanent. Here is another bit of info denstist collect the crowns and sell them for metal scrap and they commonly use 50 off coupons for the crowns and get paid by companies to push products they don't even believe in themselves! Believe me over them I did all the billing! Negotiate or find a better dentist but ask for referrences or pictures you don't always get what you pay for! I have seen it all!
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Amount: $75.00
Posted by: marnelisse in san francisco, CA.Posted: February 4th, 2010 01:02PM
Which Tooth: the fron toothType of Crown: porcelaine
i hate capitalism the evil the crux of destruction 1000 to have a crown and more these scam bags doctors and insurances most of which work together like hyena prey on your pocket and that is why they become doctors to help people bs just in the application they said that so they can go to medical shcool they all do it for money not for compassion that is why they don't care . they lie and tell you it is expensive we pay that and that screw bustard liers most of which are morons i have to go three times to clean my tooth because the root canal is not done properly in my country lebanon the crown costed me 75 dollars and still have it for 20 years and now may be 150 the most the same doctor do the cleaning with solution prior to putting the crown and the same doctor does the pulling here you have to go to different doctor and to different doctors to remove your tooth if any liers scam bags their system garbage and their insurance company no hope in capitalism value money more than anything . you want your tooth done go to lebanon or greek best dentists in the world cheap their touch last you for life here doctors are mostly morons and the good ones are scam bags or both 1500 for a crown scam bags
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fillings, crowns, and partials
Amount: $5,800.00
Posted by: maryjane in Belleview, FL.Posted: February 2nd, 2010 02:02PM
Which Tooth: manyType of Crown:
recently visited my dentist and was made aware that my insurance only contributed 1200.00 per year to my dental cost. After years of grinding my teeth and not flossing as I should I was handed an estimate for almost 8000.00. However after finding these posts I see my dentist is pretty fair--almost 1000.00 for a crown, 1400.00 partials, etc .I go atleast twice a week and cant wait until they are all finished!
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Dental Expense
Amount: $988.00
Posted by: Army guy TS in Chicagoland west burbs, IL.Posted: January 28th, 2010 09:01AM
Which Tooth: top rearType of Crown: Semi-noble? porcleain
Max out dental ins. and need more work. Half for this crown covered by ins. Cash discount very little.
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latest dental crown work
Amount: $988.00
Posted by: Army guy TS in CChicagoland west burbs, IL.Posted: January 27th, 2010 05:01PM
Which Tooth: rear topType of Crown: Semi Noble
Other half of cost covered by dental ins. about $1K. This dental work included also a anterior root canal, prefab post & core and a 8% discount for cash. It took about 2 dental appts , was covered and it seems like good work completed Nov.2009. The dentist saids I need more which I find hard to afford as I have max out dental insurance, And instead will get a deep cleanin and possible a pull for about 300$.
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3 crowns cost $1560.00 under "Plan"
Amount: $1,560.00
Posted by: JMK in Mesa, AZ.Posted: January 25th, 2010 12:01PM
Which Tooth: molars and otherType of Crown: 2 metal, one porcelain
Be careful understanding the difference between "insurance" and a "plan" and understand the scams used. Also, lab fees are not covered under most "plans". Is the lab fee charged by the dentist their actual cost or do they tack on extra?

Dentists better be careful with how they manipulate people with these plans or they'll go out of business. I'm using mine to get the discounted work done, then I'm canceling it. I think I finally found a dentist who doesn't play these games.
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rear molar crown
Amount: $950.00
Posted by: cb1000 in Austin, TX.Posted: January 19th, 2010 12:01PM
Which Tooth: rear molarType of Crown: nobel metal w/ porcelin
Cost $950.
I have insurance. They pay 60% of "reasonable" cost - apparently the reasonable cost is $660.
So in reality, they cover about 33%.

Too bad the health care companies are setting the "reasonable" costs.
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Misconceptions about dentistry
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Andi L in Honolulu, HI.Posted: January 17th, 2010 11:01PM
I am a dentist, and I found this site by accident as well. I think there is a lot of misconception about dental treatment and what it actually costs US to have you in the chair, work on you, and send the crowns to the lab to have them made. Typically, dentists have 75% of their production costs spent as overhead. The range is from 50-90%. That means, for every $100 you spend at the dentist, the dentist makes only $25. The rest of the 75% goes to increasing lab costs, dental materials, staff, rent and utilities, insurance, malpractice insurance, etc. With the alarming increase in gold prices, dentists are actually losing money placing gold crowns because the lab fees are so high.
I graduated in 2008 with $300K in student loan debt from dental school. Believe me, we are not rolling in the dough.
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2nd Molar Crown Porc fused to hi noble metal
Amount: $1,200.00
Posted by: rootcanals aregreat in Philadelphia, PA.Posted: December 30th, 2009 06:12PM
Which Tooth: upper right 2nd molarType of Crown: porcelain fused to hi-noble metal
Amount spent is confusing on this site. I've seen crowns at $900-$1500. Five years ago, I've seen them still around $500-800. Most patients have insurance plans; and if dentist participates in a PPO network, then they accept a lower amount (usually between 0-15% off) which dentist "writes off as payment".
How much gold is really in a upper right 2nd molar as you state? First, it's probably no more than 1/10 an ounce on finished crown. Second, it's not 24k pure gold; it's usually between 10-20kt. Third, but true, the Dental Lab that makes the crown for the dentist usually charges for the amount of gold placed in the casting well; even though this isnt in the finished product. Forth, US Dental Labs are charging dentists ~$120-199 (masondental, udelldental). Fifth, crowns are still too high by dentist because the actual drilling and crown buildup (sometimes with post and pins) are separate charged. So, the crown is just a way for dentist to recoup income revenue for their office! Crown core-buildups with post/pins are usually ~$280 +$1200 for tooth-color,fused to gold crown. Not bad for a procedure that takes 1.6hr first visit (most laborious to get tooth ready for crown), and 0.5hr second visit for fitting with a dentist and hygeinist. If the tooth required rootcanal, then we're talking ~$1000 RCT (may go to endodontist), followed by $280 (crown buildup) + 1200 crown. Lots of fees.
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Modern dentistry?
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Orzel in Ogden, UT.Posted: December 30th, 2009 10:12AM
Which Tooth: ttom right two molarsType of Crown: proc fused bridge
Had a porc-fused bridge w/2 ponts,lower right, and one with one pont upper right installed by a old dentist in 1978 who was retiring. Heaid he'd do a job that would last me for atleast 25 years. Lower broke in Nov '09 after another dentist did a root canal thru the crown, other is working like the day it was installed. New estimate for repacement is about $2500 in major La city and may last ten years. Who are wekidding here, it's a racket.
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What's fair
Amount: $830.00
Posted by: Commonsense in Altoona, PA.Posted: December 28th, 2009 08:12PM
Which Tooth: Upper right 2nd molarType of Crown: Cast yellow gold
I worked for a dentist, average person needs 1-2 crowns per year or less. Multiple crowns? Unless they're opening your bite to fix many worn teeth(other options exist), maybe ripoff. I budget $1,000 a yr for my teeth, kept in medical savings acct, so if I don't use, I roll it over. I found healthcare bluebook site a useful place to see if prices are in line. Since gold price is over $1,100/ounce, dentists' lab fees spiked. Cerec all glass crowns are expensive to pay off $10k machine dentist has to buy, so save by getting a stronger, lab made crown with cast metal inside. People skip gum treatments since no pain, but by the time the disease hurts, your teeth are falling out.
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Rip Off Dentists
Amount: $5,000.00
Posted by: Tired of Bad Dentists in Sacramento, CA.Posted: December 23rd, 2009 03:12PM
Which Tooth: MolarsType of Crown: Onlays/Inlays
I was seen at a dentist office in Natomas, CA. They told me that if I didn't get urgent work done - pretty much then and there - I would be looking at major tooth loss and bridges/dentures. I'm 39 and it scared me. I have lots of restorative work and gum problems due to health problems and chronic dry mouth.

I got 2 onlays/inlays and their expensive perio treatments that cost me out of pocket $2500 (which they gladly financed LOL).

I was not impressed with the work and after going back for perio maintenance and getting treated pretty roughly, unprofessionally, nickeled-and-dimed, and told I needed the most expensive procedures and treatments, I decided to leave.

Only problem, I walked into an office with a different name but still tied to the same dentist/small corporation. Guess what? Same routine. They told me I would need the most expensive treatments/procedures, that my insurance would reject it, and if I didn't, I'd lose my teeth. I said no. I had them fill out a preauth and I got a copy. For what they are quoting for onlays/inlays on 2 teeth, I could have at least 4 crowns - and I need several. So, do you think I'm going to stay with these rip off artists? No way. Already scheduled an appointment elsewhere and reported them to my insurance.

The hygeinist tried to lecture me about my teeth when he was cleaning them. He assumed they are bad because of soda. I do not drink soda. I've had problems with my enamel since I was 16. We had a rough appointment. He was very unprofessional and didn't like that I called him on it. Don't make judgments and assumptions about people's health. I am there to deal with the problems I have and am very aware - I mean, I have severe pain from all the exposed areas - I have to be numbed to get my teeth hand-cleaned. I doing what I can, one tooth at a time. Save the lectures on what was and do the work that needs to be done. Oh, and stop being fraudulent ripoff artists, too.
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Cost of a tooth
Amount: $400.00
Posted by: Labdude in Denver, CO.Posted: December 11th, 2009 12:12PM
Which Tooth: 19Type of Crown: Pfm
Everyone should know that some dentist are sending your impressions to china. The cost is $49.00 and they are charging you $500-1100 per crown. A crown made in USA averages $110 for the lab. Yes I'm a dental tech and are feeing the effects of dentist saving a buck and putting substandard work in your mouth. There are some dentist that still have morals don't give up.
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Amount: $6,500.00
Posted by: VERY STRESSED in Columbia, SC.Posted: November 25th, 2009 07:11PM
My credit was run by a dentist in Columbia, SC for ChaseHealthAdvance and CareCredit as I was told I had to have $7000 worth of work done. I also have employer dental insurance. Much to my surprise my credit was approved, and I don't have good credit. I was discussed regarding one of the creditors and monthly payments and not the other which was sprung on me with a bill for more than I am able to work into my budget. This dentist is pushy and wants the money up front w/o even trying to do what has to absolutely be done first and work around other work that has to be done. this is a new dentist. I have been seen by a prior dentist every 6 months and was NEVER told I had to have this much work done. I am obviously a STUPID IDIOT for allowing this to happen.
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Cost of Crowns
Amount: $1,200.00
Posted by: Polly in Los Angeles, CA.Posted: November 18th, 2009 11:11PM
Which Tooth: upper last molerType of Crown: crown-por fuse high noble mlt
I went on-line to compare the cost of one crown with what my new dentist is charging me. My previous dentist charged $800-$for one crown within the last 5 years. This new dentist is charging $1200.00 which seemed outrageous to me until I found this site. I am going to see if I can be offered a less expensive type of crown since it is not visible. Wow dentistry has truly become a luxury.
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about 16000 for 13 crowns!
Amount: $14,500.00
Posted by: johnson jin in New York, NY.Posted: November 15th, 2009 04:11PM
Which Tooth: bottomType of Crown: GOLDEN
i went to a dentist for the first time and the dentist said i needed 13 crowns (i picked golden) and 4 fillings. the price was 16000! my insurance covered 1500? I MEAN WTF!!!! im in debt now using my credit card and MAN im almost homeless! i sold my car and belongings and i still live in a house! wow im so lucky
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crown and rool canal
Amount: $1,300.00
Posted by: Delta Dental in miami lakes, FL.Posted: November 11th, 2009 09:11PM
Which Tooth: back rightType of Crown: Porcelin
DELTA DENTAL PPO only cover $1500.00 per year. Total cost $2800.00. out of pocket 1300.00..........what a joke
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Dental Insurance
Amount: $1,500.00
Posted by: a user in Austin, TX.Posted: November 9th, 2009 06:11PM
Which Tooth: any/allType of Crown:
I just want to say that many of us/you have posted about insurance maxing at $1500 per year and the cost of a crown is about $1000+. I have Aetna Dental and there is NO MAX per year. I pay $64 per month for my family of 4. It covers all cleanings/exams at NO CHARGE/NO DEDUCTIBLE. Do the math on that! Just thought some of you may want to check it out.
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Crowns and bridges
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: Ricky one in Rochester, NY.Posted: October 28th, 2009 10:10AM
Which Tooth: frontType of Crown: bridge
Basically the dental worlod of today is outrageous with there costs. I thought Dr. were high and I worked in a hospital to see for myself. All new dr's goal is to become a millionaire by age 30. now I see dentists are even worse. My wife needs a bridge but for now having her existinfg crown reglued is good for now, but the dentist continues to glue with ttemporary glue that doe not last a week. And he is pressuring her to do the bridge. She is trying other dentistst. They are all charging large amounts of money for procedures. The bad economy has forced people to forgo dental appointments and they are not making the money they used to make. So in turn they are not realy caring what is happening to people and are looking out for Number 1. They are making people suffer until they conform to what they charge. This is going on all over the Country. Watch out people, always ask the dentist the cost, and if they wwill not tell you then do not let them do anything until they do.
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$3000 For a crown
Amount: $3,000.00
Posted by: tgjhgkgkgb in Houston, TX.Posted: October 25th, 2009 09:10AM
Which Tooth: MolarType of Crown: Porcelin
Teeth are beginning to be like a luxury
mainly for rich people since they are so
expensive to maintain. Even with insurance
you can end up paying most of the bill out
of your pocket.
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Great Dentist
Amount: $6,042.50
Posted by: BW in Portland, OR.Posted: September 29th, 2009 02:09PM
Which Tooth: 6,11,3,14,18,31,5,12,21,28,4,20,29Type of Crown: Gold, Porcelain Fused to Metal
I have been reading so many bad reports that I decided to post a good one. My dentist is so honest that he wouldn't think of charging more than what is fair. I'm having work done on 13 teeth, 2 porcelain fused to metal crowns, 4 gold crowns and 7 posterior composite fillings to replace old fillings. Now, from what I have been reading this would be like a 20,000.00 job. I'm very fortunate that my insurance coverage is 2000.00 per year and by splitting it between the last quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010 I will have 4000.00 covered by insurance. His total charge is 7725.00 My total out of pocket expense will be 3725.00. That's an average of 286.53 per tooth. Not bad in dental dollars. If you need a great dentist in Portland look up Macadam Dental, Dr. Kevin Morrish. He's younger than I am so I plan on never searching out another dentist in my life.
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Crown replaced in Piura, Peru
Amount: $230.00
Posted by: US dentists are a BIG SCAM in Piura, Peru, Other.Posted: September 21st, 2009 11:09AM
Which Tooth: Upper IncisorType of Crown: Porcelain over metal
I was quoted $1900.00 to replace a 30-yr old crown due to a broken tooth in my teens, reason was the gum had receded. I was on vacation in Peru and walked into this dentists office, she saw me right away and took x-rays and impressions, cut off the old crown, put on a temp, and told me to come back THE NEXT DAY for the permanent one. Came back the next day and she fitted the new crown and permanently cemented it in. Excellent experience and the crown looks wonderful for only $230.00
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pretty smile?
Amount: $18.00
Posted by: inpain in surprise, AZ.Posted: September 18th, 2009 12:09AM
Which Tooth: allType of Crown: porcelain and implants
I now have 3 endodonist to perform the 2 root canals and 1 oral surgeon to perform 3 implants and extract an abscessed tooth...a regular dentist to cap all teeth when finished. I'm sure the quote of 18K does not include the endodonist nor oral surgeon. He dropped 3K off for casy paying customer. I paid 1/3 down today. I'm not sure if this is a good price. Wondering what anyone else thinks??? This quote is mainly for about 21 porcelean caps.
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Amount: $2,500.00
Posted by: Iangreenelee in Knoxville, TN.Posted: September 15th, 2009 11:09AM
Which Tooth: 1 bridge, 2 right side molarsType of Crown: Porcelain
I guess all in all, 5 crowns for $3000 isn't too bad. My dentist was running a special and knocked off $100 for each crown. It would have been $3500. Insurance only paid $1500 of that, so I think I will be stuck with and extra $1500.

Wow. When did Dentist bills go up so much? My dentist made $3000 for roughly two hours work.
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Amount: $1,100.00
Posted by: a user in Arlington HTS, IL.Posted: August 26th, 2009 08:08AM
Which Tooth: 19Type of Crown: Porcelain
I had my tooth filled a couple years ago but the filling cracked. A piece fell out when i ate breakfast and then a larger piece fell out when i had cake a couple hours later. I have no insurance so i have to pay out of pocket. Not sure why it was so expensive, my dad had a crown put in by the same dentist 3yrs before and his was only 500. I'm a college student and I just moved into my own apartmetment so this bill really hurts
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Amount: $815.00
Posted by: ckB in Norman, OK.Posted: August 18th, 2009 06:08AM
Which Tooth: Upper Back MolarType of Crown: gold
For at least the past 10 years I have had bi-annual cleanings/xrays for $5 at a dental hygiene college so what a shock yesterday to go back to my regular dentist and pay $815 for a crown & x-ray. Porcelaine was the same as gold.
With my mouth wide open she explained what the broken upper molar needed & before she proceeded I asked the cost or it would not have been given to me and the shock would have come as I checked out when they demanded payment in full before receiving the permanent crown.
I have had orthodontic & root canal work done at the dental school here, but they do not do crowns.
Quite a few years ago I called around to at least a dozen dentists about some dental work I needed and prices only varied by 5 bucks or so. Wow...where's the free enterprise system, competition!!
I get my eyeglasses in Germany & they laugh at our complicated system. Think I am going to check out the dentists the next time I am there.
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implants and crowns
Amount: $8,570.00
Posted by: Mining City Smile in butte, MT.Posted: August 11th, 2009 08:08AM
Which Tooth: 3 left side molarsType of Crown: implants and crowns
My regular dentist is an ace, also the dentist doing the implants has an excelent-quality work- reputation. I still had second and third thoughts about spending over 10000.00 (with the 1500.00 from insurance) on three teeth.
After reading some of the other comments and the costs, I have another perspective. However,I still reel over the cost.
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Amount: $0.00
Posted by: girly in Canby, CA.Posted: August 6th, 2009 07:08PM
Which Tooth: don\'t knowType of Crown: porcelin?
I am a student with no income. I just went to a new dentist for a check up and was told I need three caps and two fillings (each inbetween two teeth) I just abut fell over when they said each one would cost 6,833.00 each! And I need 3! I onlt paid 7500 for my last car! Help! Is this average? Is there better options?
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