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Emergency Room Visit Cost - Buyer Experiences and Price Information

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Emergency Room Visit Comments

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Screwed by uchealth er
Amount: $5,078.85
Posted by: Bstang in Colorado springs, CO.Posted: December 4th, 2018 05:12PM
Medical Center: UchealthCondition: Passed out taken in for check over.
Tests or Treatment Required: Ekg to be safe no treatment
Daughter passed out while giving blood. Unresponsive so called 911 she woke up and felt nauseous they recommended hospital to check her over. I followed and ran by house to grab her change of clothes and when i got there they had done an ekg for good measure and released her no treatment. Insurance discount $2472 ??? $2880 paid by ins plus $420 by us what in the fuck? Why are we allowing this corruption????
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Amount: $1,772.00
Posted by: Mike413 in Pittsfield, MA.Posted: September 19th, 2018 02:09AM
Medical Center: Berkshire Medical CenterCondition: Broken Leg
Tests or Treatment Required: X-Ray
Never got to see a real doctor only a PA, Charged $1772.00 for about two hours, quick X-ray and throw into the street. Never again. Goto Urgent Care it would have been $200-300, ER's are over-priced and all the seem to care about was billing not the care of the patient.. Next time I will just die in the street because the working class cannot afford to live and this is with insurance. Today's insurance is useless as it doesn't kick in until 1500/3000 and I though I had the best policy. It used to be a 150 copay pre-obama. Boy did the working class get screwed in this deal.
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Bug In ear
Amount: $2,500.00
Posted by: Kandablo in Dallas, TX.Posted: September 14th, 2018 04:09AM
Medical Center: Dallas regional medical CenterCondition: Bug in ear
Tests or Treatment Required: Look in ear, numbing drops, tweezers
Went in 8/1/18 with a bug in my ear. I panicked. Called my pcp she sent me to er. Get to er,taken back fairly quickly. Nurse practitioner came in peeked in my ear confirming there was a bug. Put some numbing drops in my ear. Let me lay for a few minutes. Cane in with pair of tweezers. Tried 2 times to remove bug. Seemed either scared to keep trying or in a hurry to get me out. Have me a syringe and sent me home with instructions to put vinegar in my ear 4x/day to try and dissolve bug and flush out. Also gave me a number for ear nose throat specialistsaying if i absolutely couldn't take it i should go see them. It's 9/14. I still have some of the big in my ear. Spentall this time trying to flush it out at home. Since August 22 have been requesting an itemized bill and have yet to get it,despite having been told 3 times now that it's in the mail. Also being charged for a dr who did not exam me. Walked in said bug in ear and walked out.
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Anaphylactic shock
Amount: $3,500.00
Posted by: TP in Brownsburg, IN.Posted: August 1st, 2018 04:08PM
Medical Center: Hendricks Regional HeathCondition: Swollen air, tongue, hives
Tests or Treatment Required: Epinephrine and IV
Spent a total of 1.5 hours tops and received an IV and epinephrine, no tests. Paid $1800 out of pocket with my insurance.
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ER, no treatment, sent home
Amount: $2,700.00
Posted by: a user in Phoenix, AZ.Posted: May 2nd, 2018 11:05AM
Medical Center: Dignity HealthCondition: Swollen lymph node
Tests or Treatment Required: None
No testing required; nurse checked my blood pressure and temp, doc walked in and talked for about 5-10 minutes, said "come back if it gets worse" and sent me home. And for this, they charge nearly $3,000 USD? This country's medical system is criminal.
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Sinus Infections - Steroid shot and sent home
Amount: $2,753.00
Posted by: Bill Moore in Richardson, TX.Posted: April 7th, 2018 12:04PM
Medical Center: TX Health HospitalCondition: Sinus infection
Tests or Treatment Required: none
I woke up having breathing problems. I went to nearby non-hospital THH office. Nurse took blood pressure and temperature. Dr came in the room and spent less than 10 minutes and stated I had sinus infection. Nurse gave me steroid shot and told me if I was not better in 8 hours to go to the hospital ER room since they were not a full ER facility. I spent total time (wait time and room time) of 45 minutes. I will never seek medical treatment at any Texas Health Resource facility again.
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Sliced finger opened
Amount: $400.00
Posted by: Megaman in Irving, TX.Posted: March 14th, 2018 04:03AM
Medical Center: Irving, TXCondition:
Tests or Treatment Required: Cleaned wound and gauss
So a coworker sliced his finger opened whilst he was cutting veggies. I took him to the ER and the nurse gave him 2 options (he had no insurance), he could clean the wound and wrap it for $400 or clean the wound, add stitches and wrap it for, I think, $1200. He took the least expensive option. He could've done that himself for a few bucks but damn $400??
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facial abrasion without stiches
Amount: $10,150.00
Posted by: Jeffrey A Baker in el paso, TX.Posted: March 1st, 2018 05:03PM
Medical Center: Las Palmas, El Paso TexasCondition: minor wound from fall at school
Tests or Treatment Required: cat scan and 2 steri strips
was told the fee was 300 while being discharged which seemed reasonable until I get a letter from a 3rd party less than 30 days later saying I had a balance of 10150 dollars... Was stunned and pissed
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ER visit
Amount: $7,500.00
Posted by: Dee65 in Richmond, CA.Posted: March 1st, 2018 01:03PM
Tests or Treatment Required: Pain medication Iv fluids ultrasound ekg
Severe pain for about 8 hours also vomiting. So go to the kaiser emergency room long story short I have gallstones I was there for about 5 hours. I have a 6800 out of pocket maximum deductible so I feel like they just charge as much as they can to get your money. So crazy expensive
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ER VISIT - Esophageal obstruction
Amount: $3,149.57
Posted by: Jadakiss in sandy, UT.Posted: November 30th, 2017 01:11PM
Medical Center: Alta View HospitalCondition: Foreign body in throat
Tests or Treatment Required: Chest X-Ray, IV Fluids, Endoscopy & Meds
I had a piece of meat stuck in my throat, my husband did the Heimlich maneuver, but was unable to remove meat. I was throwing up foam for 7 hours straight until we decided to go to the ER. I do not have Health Insurance. This is what they charged me for being at the ER for 4 hours:
IV THERAPY $332.08
LAB $33.03
CHEST X-RAY $251.24
ER LEVEL 4 $1,569.67
DRUGS $322.82
GASTR INTS LV 2 $ 180.54
GI FEE $397.49
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Sore back, kidney cyst
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: AJM in Toronto, Ontario, Other.Posted: November 5th, 2017 06:11PM
Tests or Treatment Required: X-ray, multiple blood and urine tests,
Had back pain and short of breath. I was worried about a heart attack. They did and ECG and multiple blood and urine tests. Not a heart attack so checked kidneys. Did a CT scan. Saw doctor within 20 minutes. Ultimately spent 4 hrs there, mostly waiting for test results.
Turned out to be a cyst on my kidney. Was given a referral to a specialist.
I am an American- Canadian dual citizen living in Canada, so this visit cost me nothing. And the specialist visit will cost me nothing.
(Of course I pay taxes but I can go to the ER a hundred times and I will never get a bill. And my ability to pay will never have to be considered when deciding whether or not to seek medical care).
Universal health care works.
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Diagnosed with 5mm kidney stone
Amount: $23,500.00
Posted by: Dee K in Gainsville, FL.Posted: October 30th, 2017 10:10AM
Medical Center: North Florida Regional Medical CenterCondition: Kidney stone
Tests or Treatment Required: CT scan
Outrageous is all I can say. I went to a satellite ER. I was diagnosed, given a non-refillable prescription for Hydrocodone (10 tablets) and sent home to pass the stone. Two weeks later and it still hasn't passed. I don't have health insurance so this will be out of pocket.
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2 Baby Boys Minor Cough
Amount: $2,000.00
Posted by: NR in Buffalo, NY, NY.Posted: October 29th, 2017 04:10PM
Medical Center: Catholic Mercy HospitalCondition: Checking out minor cough
Tests or Treatment Required: 1 nothing, another minor ear infection
Just crazy got bills totalling about USD2k. Can you believe that. Even a brain surgery doesn't cost that much in my country Malaysia. The health care is excellent and free. The government hospitals are top notch. The best private top notch hospital and doctors for a laceration on my son cost USD$50 without insurance. This is just sick, sick sick USD2000 for antibiotics. Just perverted sick sick sick system. Real perversion of the medical profession.
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Post Motor Vehicle Accident (rear-ended on a motorcycle
Amount: $21,500.00
Posted by: Chad777 in Derby, KS.Posted: October 4th, 2017 09:10AM
Medical Center: Wesley ER, Derby KSCondition: Neck, back pain and acute headache
Tests or Treatment Required: 3 CT scans, Rx.
I almost had a heart attack when I saw the bill for this. Thank God the person who hit me was insured. The doctor did no "hands on" physical exam, questions only. Ordered head, neck and lower back CTs. Final disposition was a couple days worth of muscle relaxants and pain meds. How in God's green earth does that equate to $21,000? And we wonder why insurance is more expensive every year and we are in a health care crisis?!
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Kidney Stone
Amount: $17,000.00
Posted by: Chad Maisonneuve in Lakewood, CO.Posted: September 26th, 2017 08:09PM
Medical Center: St Anthony's NorthCondition: Kidney Stone
Tests or Treatment Required: IV, Urinalysis & ct scan
I spent 2 1/2 hours in the ER. The IV push with painkiller helped, I had a ct scan to confirm that I had a kidney stone, was referred to a urologist and sent on my way. They billed me for more than $17,000 as a cash pay patient
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Er for dislocated finger
Amount: $4,000.00
Posted by: Jenifer M in Wellington, FL.Posted: September 12th, 2017 02:09PM
Medical Center: Wellington medical centerCondition: Dis located finger
Tests or Treatment Required: Xrays
It was late on a Sunday night when I fell and dislocated my finger. Even though their was only one patient other then me in the ER it took 3 hours to see a doctor. After xrays the doctor stsed no need to bother numbing it up. Needless to say it hurt worse him pulling on my finger then when I did it. Gave me no medication for pain and insisted on giving expensive $20.00 cold packs that llasted 15 minutes instead of free took 1 minute for the doctor to pull on my finger and his price was $1800.00. The only reasonable cost was for the radiologist who look at the xrays for $35.00. Healthcare is unsustainable unless we change the system. To top it off the guy was totally rude and my finger never healed correctly.
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Amount: $1,031.00
Posted by: Chipmock in Payson, AZ.Posted: September 9th, 2017 02:09PM
Medical Center: banner paysonCondition: unkown
Tests or Treatment Required: none
tring to get info. like pulling eye teeth. that is just the dr pay since don'tkown anything ,not sure
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Amount: $361.00
Posted by: Jude in Ensenada, Other.Posted: July 31st, 2017 06:07PM
Tests or Treatment Required: X-ray, full panel blood work, oxygen, IV
Presented at the ER with pneumonia. Was seen in less than 5 minutes. Chest X-ray, full panel blood work, IV pain meds and antibiotic, oxygen and medication to take home. Skilled and lovely staff. I've been treated for pneumatic numerous times in the US and, even though my insurance doesn't cover Mexico - if I could I go there for all treatment. Awesome hospital.
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Amount: $7,459.00
Posted by: KS in Temecula, CA.Posted: July 4th, 2017 10:07AM
Tests or Treatment Required: MRI, Cleaned facial abrasions
Hit my head hard and had speech deficit and blurry/double vision. Urgent care advised I go to Emergency because they had MRI. I was able to understand what I was told, but really having difficulty finding words and talking. I was at ER for less than 2 hours, saw ONLY a Physician Assistant, was hooked up to BP and monitor (apparently for show, since nobody commented on the elevated blood pressure.) They sent me to imaging for an MRI scan to make sure I didn't have a brain bleed, and rolled me back to my 'room'. Waited 40 minutes to have the PA pop his head in to tell me the MRI was clear, then the nurse came in with gauze and saline to clean my abrasions and they gave me a written prescription for eye medication.
No bloodwork, no labs of any kind, no IV, no medications, just an MRI and simple wound cleaning. (Which I could have done at home) ..and I wasn't even seen by a doctor..
No justification for charging over $7k to insurance. Plus co-pay.
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